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Tour module 7 days snorkeling and adventure Raja Ampat -

7 days liveboard snorkelling and adventure Raja Ampat

This liveaboard is perfect for travellers who want to discover and snorkel above the corals and fish of Raja Ampat.
The boat takes you in 7 days from Sorong to the north of Raja Ampat. You’ll see the most beautiful snorkelling sites, the wonderful islands near Wayag and Fam and you’ll snorkel, for example, among the sharks at the Jetty CI station. Between November and March there is a good chance that you’ll see dozens of Mantas at Manta Sandy.

Simple accommodation: there are 3 cabins with 4 berths (bunk beds), 2 western toilets and shower with cold water.

Departure is guaranteed with 6 or more participants

Video snorkelcruise Raja Ampat

In- and excluded

•Breakfast, lunch and dinner
•Transfers from Sorong airport to Raja Ampat and vice versa

Not included:
•Diving package (10 dives € 500, rent diving equipment not-included)
•Entrance fee Raja Ampat (IDR 1.000.000, ca € 70)
•(soft- and alcoholic) drinks
•Tips and personal expenses
•Travel and cancellation insurance
•Booking fee and contribution Calamiteitenfonds €30 per booking

Guaranteed departure at 6 or more participants.

Deposit: 25%
Cancelation fees:
Until 90 days before departure: the deposit
90-60 days before departure: 50%
Within 60 days before departure: 100%

Prijsoverzicht Price overview

Tour module 7 days snorkeling and adventure Raja Ampat

1 person, non diver

25-09-2022 - 31-12-2022
€ 1018.00 per person per arrangement


Day 1: On board in Sorong

In the morning you embark on the boat and then we head off into the direction of Waigeo, a 4-hour trip.
The first snorkel stops are at the Islands Friwenbonda and Batu Lima.

We overnight at Kabuay Bay

Day 2: From Kabuay Bay to Bat island

One of the most beautiful diving or snorkelling sites is the Passage. There’s quite a strong current here but the boat stays always close to you.
We overnight at Bat island, Where we can see the Kalongs of course, these big fruit bats fly out in the late afternoon.

Day 3: From Bat island towards Wayag, nice sharks abound

On our way to Wayaf we moor at the CI station to snorkel among the sharks. Don’t worry: These sharks are not dangerous.

Day 4: Wayag islands

The most beautiful site above the water surface of Raja Ampat are the Wayag islands. Of course there’s much to see under water too, but today we do some climbing to admire this fabulous natural wonder.

Dag 5: Via the gardens of Melissa and Anita to Aborek

The gardens of Melissa and Anita are wonderful coral reefs where we certainly meet Nemo. We overnight at the island Aborek.

Day 6: Towards the island Gam

Another beautiful day. From Aborek we sail via Pyanemo and Kri to Manta Sandy. Between November and March you snorkel here above Mantas with a wingspan up to 6 meter.
Via Cape Kri and Koh island we continue to the bigger island Gam.

Day 7: Back to Sorong

Our last day on board. From Kri we sail back to Sorong. The end of a wonderful snorkel-expedition...

Your stay

Raja Ampat AdventuresThe liveaboard is a simple Buginese schooner with 3 cabins with each 2 bunk beds. In some places you can choose to stay in (again) a simple homestay. ... meer info more info Informations supplémentaires


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