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Reizen Trips Voyages Kalimantan


Kalimantan or Indonesian Borneo is a big and still unspoiled island. This green island, only rarely visited by tourists, is the island of the orangutans, vast jungles and numerous big rivers. The indigenous population, the Dayaks, live deep in the woods and are mostly only accessible by boat.

Travelling in Kalimantan brings you in the middle of nature. Comfort is often hard to find. During cruises on the river you will sleep on the boat. On the mighty Mahakam river you’ll experience and be part of life on the river on your private houseboat. In the South near Camp Leaky we use simpler boats, with few other facilities than a matrass, mosquito net and a booth where you can wash on the back of the boat. But at the same time there is a dedicated crew on board that’ll give you their full attention during these beautiful tours.


Kalimantan klimaat
Kalimantan is warm and very damp! Yearly some 3000mm of rain. The rainy season runs from November until May (included), but even during the rest of the year there are occasional tropical showers.
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Example round trips Kalimantan

Travelling over Kalimantan is not so easy. There are only few decent roads and distances are long. For most Kalimantan round trips we frequently use domestic flights. But then you do see everything on the island: Orangutans, the mighty Mahakam river, Dayak villages and the fantastic underwater world around the bounty islands in East Kalimantan.

Duikers can get their fill around the islands Derawan, Sangalaki and Nabucco. Our Indonesia experts will be happy to put together your tailor-made diving trip or round trip.

Voorbeeldreizen Example trips Kalimantan

Round trip 21 days Kalimantan: River cruise, Dayaks, Orang utans, whale sharks and much more

Mahakam houseboat
This relaxed tour of Kalimantan takes you along the mighty Mahakam River, where you become part of the river life, get acquainted with the Dayak culture and enjoy the flora and fauna in the rainforest. Then we look for the orang utans in the Berau district, swim with the whale sharks, put on your ma...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires

Group tours Kalimantan

Indonesië groepsreizen
Merapi does not organize any group tours to Kalimantan yet. If you have suggestions for group tours, we will be happy to hear them!

Groepsreizen Group trips Kalimantan

Tour modules round trips Kalimantan

NeusapenWith our tour modules you can put together your own ideal round trips. Kalimantan, former Borneo, is particularly suitable for such a personalised round trip. A combination ofjungle in the south, Dayak tribes and nature along the Mahakam river and the bounty islands of Derawan, Sangalaki and Nabucco complete your tour of Kalimantan.
Our tour modules are round-trips with a combination of culture, nature and highlights. Our specialists will be happy to adjust these modules according to your wishes and help you put together your tailor-made trip.

Bouwstenen Building blocks Kalimantan

Tour module 4 days Derawan

The island Derawan is a fabulous place for snorkelling, diving and relaxing. In front of your cottage by or on the sea you will see sea turtles of about 1m50. There is a beautiful white beach where only few tourists come and around the islands Kakaban and Sangalaki you will see dolphins playing an...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires

Tour module 4 days Mighty Mahakam rivercruise

€ 790 p.p. with participation of 2 persons € 685 p.p. with participation of 4 persons meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires

Tour module 8d Mighty Mahakam rivercruise

The Mahakam river is one of the economic arteries of east Kalimantan. Besides discovering life on and along the river, this cruise brings you to unspoilt wildlife in the jungle and you become familiar with the Dayak culture. During this 8-day river cruise you stay on a 'houseboat', a solid boat wit...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires

Tour module 3 days Orang utans Camp Leakey

Lunch op de Klotok
This individual tour module takes you on a boat to the orang utans in Camp Leakey. A tour full of adventure: Jungle, boat and orang utans are the highlights of the three-day tour through central Kalimantan or Indonesian Borneo. You travel and stay overnight on a 'Klotok', a simple boat across ...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires

Tour module 7 days Mystic Kalimantan - Orang utans, Dayaks, whale sharks and much more

Dayak Benua Baru
This tour module takes you along the coast of the Berau province in East Kalimantan. In a nutshell you will see orang utans in the wild, proboscis monkeys and many other inhabitants of the jungle, the traditional Dayak tribes, a surprising mirror lake, whale sharks, a Bajau (sea gypsies) village, be...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
BanjarmasinBanjarmasin is also called the Venice of Kalimantan. A big part of daily life takes place at the confluence of the rivers Martapura and Barito.

The floating market, the monkey islands and the diamond mines are definitely worth a 3-day visit to Ba... Meer infoMore infoInformations supplémentaires
DerawanThe small island Derawan is situated in the Sulawesi Sea in east Kalimantan. Derawan counts about one thousand residents and offers plenty of possibilities to go snorkelling and diving. Around the island you’ll see lots of big green sea turtles. On ... Meer infoMore infoInformations supplémentaires
Maratua dive map
Duikstekken Derawan archipelDive Season: The best months for diving are September to December and March to April but also the months between. The Moluccan islands have the seasons reversed from the rest of Indonesia, when they have the dry season, its rainy season in Indonesia.... Meer infoMore infoInformations supplémentaires
LoksadoKlein dorpje op de flanken van de berg Meratus... Meer infoMore infoInformations supplémentaires
MaratuaMaratua is een klein eiland in de Derawan archipel. Er is een klein dorpje met enkele winkeltjes en warungs (lokale eethuisjes). Het eiland is per fiets te verkennen, maar iedereen gaat natuurlijk voor de prachtige onderwaterwereld...... Meer infoMore infoInformations supplémentaires
Nabucco Island resort
NabuccoNabucco is one of the islands in the Maratua Atol, about 50 km off the coast of East Kalimantan.
Appealing dive sites are Big Fish Reef, where you come face to face with sharks, barracudas and rays.
Sangalaki is known for the numerous manta rays t... Meer infoMore infoInformations supplémentaires
Pangkalan BunPangkalanbun is the starting place for your tour to the Tanjung Puting reserve, the orangutan reserve and optionally the Dayak villages.... Meer infoMore infoInformations supplémentaires

Accommodaties Accommodations Hébergements Kalimantan

Mahakam houseboat
Mahakam houseboat
During your river cruise on the Mahakam river you will spend some days on your private 'houseboat'. It is a very simple accommodation with reasonable sanitary facilities. The boat has one or more air-conditioned cabins. During the cruise you have your own cook who will, as far as possible, fulfil...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Mahakam houseboat
Mahakam houseboat
During your river cruise on the Mahakam River you will stay on your shared 'houseboat' for a few days. It is a very simple stay with clean sanitary facilities. The boat has 12 2-person air-conditioned cabins and 4 shared bath cells (with hot water and western toilet). On the way, you can enjoy the...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Klotok - houseboat
Overnachten op de Klotok
The Klotok owes its name to the sound of the engine, klotok-klotok-klotok ... The accommodation is very simple, you sleep on deck on mattresses and under a mosquito net. Besides the captain, there is a sailor / cook on board who will make your stay on the Klotok as comfortable as possible. Sani...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Aston hotel - Balikpapan
Aston Balikpapan
The new Aston hotel Balikpapan is located directly on the water, the Strait of Makassar. The 4 * hotel has 155 rooms and features a restaurant, bar, gym, swimming pool and laundry service. The rooms are clean and are all equipped with air conditioning, minibar, kettle, TV and a safe. meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Gran Senyiur - Balikpapan
Gran Senyiur
This 5 * hotel is built on a hill and overlooks the city and the sea. The elegant hotel has 183 rooms and features a restaurant, bar, gym, swimming pool, 24 hour room service and laundry service. From the Sky bar on the 8th floor you have a beautiful view of the illuminated city in the evening. ...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Hotel Victoria - Banjarmasin
Victoria Banjarmasin
The Victoria hotel is located directly on the Sungai Martapura River and in the small town of Banjarmasin. The hotel has 67 rooms, of which we prefer the Deluxe rooms with (if available) a view of the river. The rooms have air conditioning, TV, minibar and kettle. For an additional charge you can u...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Palmy Exclusive hotel - Berau
Palmy Exclusive
Simple 3 * hotel in the centre of Tanjung Redep, Berau. All rooms have air conditioning, hot running water, balcony, TV and coffee and tea making facilities. Nice thing about the hotel is its rooftop terrace with views over the city and river. meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Derawan Dive lodge
Derawan Dive lodge
The lodge is one of the best accommodations on the island. It is particularly meant for divers, but outside the high season (July-September and December) there is also sufficient space for non-divers. The lodge has its own certified diving center and a cosy restaurant. The tastefully decorated roo...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Derawan Dive resort
Derawan Dive resort
The resort is one of the better accommodations on the island. The rooms are located directly on the beach and the Deluxe and VIP rooms have sea views. The resort has its own diving center and a nice restaurant on the water. All rooms have air conditioning, a terrace and running water (Deluxe and V...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Reza lodge - Derawan
Reza cottage
The simple Reza cottages is built above the water. From your terrace you can see the sea turtles swimming by at high tide, and regularly stick out their heads above the water. The 10 clean rooms are simple, have air conditioning, (cold) shower, a terrace, coffee and tea. Breakfast is very simple (d...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Sari Lodge - Derawan
Sari cottage Derawan
The very simple Sari lodge consists of twenty cottages, built above the sea. The facilities are extremely simple. The small rooms have air conditioning, cold running water, a small terrace with limited views and coffee and tea. Very simple breakfast. meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Sangalaki resort - Derawan
Sangalaki resort is located a on the bounty island of Sangalaki, only a half hour boat ride from Derawan. The reasonably new (2012) resort looks surprisingly good. It counts 14 neat cottages with AC, hot and cold water and all with sea views. The clean and spacious restaurant serves good food and t...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Kaniungan resort
Kaniungan resort
Simple local small hotel. We haven't visited it yet.meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Meratus resort - Loksado
Meratus resort
Eeenvoudige lodge met 11 houten Deluxe kamers en een restaurant. Het resort ligt op ongeveer 4 uur rijden vanaf Banjarmasin, op de flanken van de berg Meratus. De 11 Deluxe kamers beschikken over privé badkamer met koud stromend water en westers toilet, 2 1-persoons matrassen op een bamboe verhoging...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Maratua Paradise resort
Maratua Paradise resort
The cozy Maratua Paradise resort is located directly on the beach in the bay near Maratua. The resort has 18 rooms spread over Beach Chalets and Water Villas. All rooms have air conditioning, fan, minibar and private terrace or veranda above the water. The resort has a diving centre. meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Pratasaba resort Maratua
Het Pratasaba resort ligt op het Maratua Atol, in de Derawan archipel, voor de oostkust van Kalimantan. Het resort telt 4 Seaview suites, 10 Deluxe kamers met zeezicht en 10 Deluxe met zicht op de jungle. Het resort heeft een privé strand, waar je voor je kamer kunt relaxen, snorkelen of duiken....meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Green Nirvana resort Maratua
Green Nirvana
Het Green Nirvana resort is prima voor zowel duikers als niet-duikers. Het resort telt 10 luxe Sannai villa's van 60 m2 met ocean view, 6 Talun bungalows van 40m2 met uitzicht op de tuin en 23 Berlimpang kamers van 30 m2 met uitzicht op het bos. Daarnaast is er nog een groepsaccommodatie met plaats ...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Merasa homestay
You stay in one of the local homestays in the village of Merasa. The homestays are extremely basic: usually a mattress on the floor, mosquito net, shared toilet and bathroom (Indonesian style mandi, no shower).meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Nabucco Island resort
Nabucco Island resort
The small scale Nabucco Island resort is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. The resort has 17 rooms spread over 8 double bungalows and one family bungalow. The resort has its own diving center, from where you can make beautiful dives between sharks, manta rays and also many small tropical fish. ...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Kapuas Palace - Pontianak
Kapuas Palace
Simple hotel with nice pool in the center of Pontianak. Best choice in Pontianak.meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Hotel Bumi Senyiur - Samarinda
Bumi Senyiur Samarinda
Mooi hotel in het centrum van Samarinda. Het hotel beschikt over een restaurant, fitness centrum, spa en een groot zwembad. De kamers zijn ruim, schoon en beschikken over airco, TV, minibar, kluisje, zithoek, bad en douche met warm stromend water, bureau en hebben uitzicht over de stad.meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires


Aneka hotel Talisayan
Aneka hotel Talisayan
Simple local hotel on the coast, in the village of Talisayan. Rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom with hot running water.meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires

Tanjung Puting

Rimba Orang utan Eco lodge - Tanjung Puting
Rimba lodge
This simple eco lodge is located on the Sekonyer River, near the entrance to the Camp Leakey centre for orang utans. The lodge has about 30 rooms, of which the Ruby rooms are the cheapest, equipped with a fan and cold running water. We book the Deluxe Emerald rooms, with air conditioning and hot wa...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires

Teluk Sumbang

Lamin Guntur eco lodge
Kamin Guntur eco lodge
The eco lodge has a great location, with coral reefs directly in front of the beach and the jungle at the back. The lodge has 6 standard cottages, simple cottages with a terrace downstairs and a bedroom upstairs. Mattresses are on the floor in the bedroom. There is no air conditioning or fan. There ...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Rondreis op maat Mighty & Mystic Kalimantan | 17-08-2019
Hallo Flip,

wij zijn zondag teruggekomen van een onvergetelijke reis naar Kalimantan.
We willen je bij deze laten eten dat jij, je team, Lucas en vooral ook de gidsen die ons hebben begeleid, met name Abi en Jailani, een enorm compliment geven.
We hebben een top reis gehad en bijna alles gezien... meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Rondreis op maat Mighty & Mystic Kalimantan | 17-08-2019
Vergeet vooral niet aan Lucas de geweldige ervaringen te melden want die hadden veruit de overhand. We hadden trouwens nog een dingetje vergeten te melden en dat is de verschrikkelijke weg naar Talisayan. Deze rit duurt geen 4 uur maar 6 uur en de weg is werkelijk bijna niet te doen. Bereid je event... meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Kalimantan - Camp Leakey | 13-10-2018
Beste Jan,
Hierbij een klein verslagje van ons v.w.b. de ervaring met de boot naar de oerang oetans.
Bij aankomst waren wij verrast hoe groot de boot was. De bemanning kwam gelijk sympathiek over. Het klikte van ons uitgezien, met de gids. Wij vertrokken en keken naar alle boten die lagen afgemeer... meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Singapore Stopover, Roots op Java en Kalimantan | 17-09-2017
Beste Vera,

Onze reis is voorspoedig verlopen. Hartelijk dank voor de organisatie. We zijn bijzonder tevreden over de kwaliteit van onze beide chauffeur/gidsen, de heren Anang (op Java) en Indra en Ismael (op Kalimantan). Zij waren steeds bereid om onze lastige vragen te beantwoorden. Deze vragen... meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Eclips Kalimantan & Derawan | 06-03-2016
Beste Vera,

Dank voor je mail, jullie goede zorg en natuurlijk jullie medeleven.

We hebben een prachtige reis gehad ondanks de laatste hectische dagen.

Door de ruggespraak met Lucas (die uitstekend bereikbaar is) en het feit dat we zelf wat bahasa spreken hebben we het op Pangkalanbun toch ... meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Camp Leaky - Kalimantan | 21-08-2014
Beste Jan ea . Wij willen alleen even melden dat we enorm hebben genoten van onze trip naar camp Leaky op Borneo . Super veel gezien . Héél behulpzaam personeel , heerlijk gegeten ,en een geweldig sfeervolle boot. Dank voor de fantastische ervaring vanuit Jakarta ... meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Inspectiereis oost Kalimantan | 22-06-2014
Twee dagen na mijn huwelijk met mijn lief Monique gingen we formeel op inspectiereis naar oost Kalimantan. Een combi met onze huwelijksreis, dus het moest ook wel een lekker rustige reis worden. En dat is het ook geworden. Heerlijk relaxed een week op de boot over de mighty Mahakam, vier dagen zonne... meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Inspectiereis oost Kalimantan | 22-06-2014
Na wat gestress vanwege een gecancelde vlucht kwamen we in plaats van 3 uur in de middag om 12 uur 's nachts aan in Balikpapan. Lukman, onze gids, stond ons op te wachten op de gloednieuwe en ijskoude luchthaven. Het was nog een dikke twee en een half uur rijden naar Samarinda, waar onze houseboat o... meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Inspectiereis oost Kalimantan | 22-06-2014
Vanuit Samarinda, het begin- en eindpunt van de Mahakamcruises, vliegt drie keer per week een klein vliegtuig naar Berau. Wij zaten daar net twee dagen vanaf, dus reden we eerst 2,5 uur naar Balikpapan waar dagelijkse vluchten naar Berau worden uitgevoerd. Daar aangekomen stond onze chauffeur al op ... meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Kalimantan | 15-02-2014
Beste Jan
Bedankt voor de super mooie reis die we weer mochten beleven whaauuuw wat gaaf
Bij de eerste gids was mooi oerang oetangs en de neusaapen en de ijsvogel echt mooi
We waren alleen even verbaasd dat we niet op de eerste boot op het dek sliepen ,maar einde avond vonden we dat niet zo er... meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires

Excursies Excursions

Diving trips Kalimantan

Diving trips to Kalimantan always go to the east coast, where the islands Derawan, Maratua, Kakaban, Sangalaki and Nabucco offer an incredible diversity of corals and marine life. How about the ever-present majestic mantas near Nabucco, the giant turtles around Derawan and Sangalaki, the more than 200 meter deep walls near Kakaban and the countless fresh water jellyfish in lake Kakaban...
A Kalimantan round trip is only really complete after diving or snorkelling around these islands.

Duiken Diving Kalimantan

Tour module 8 days diving or snorkelling Nabucco, Kakaban and Sangalaki
Nabucco Island resort
On these islands in front of the east-coast of Klimantan it is very nice snorkelling, diving and relaxing. Big sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, sharks and barracudas (just to name some) galore! meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Bouwsteen 8 dagen duiken of snorkelen Maratua, Kakaban en Sangalaki
Green Nirvana
On these islands in front of the east-coast of Klimantan it is very nice snorkelling, diving and relaxing. Big sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, sharks and barracudas (just to name some) galore! meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires
Sangalaki resort - Derawan
Sangalaki resort is located a on the bounty island of Sangalaki, only a half hour boat ride from Derawan. The reasonably new (2012) resort looks surprisingly good. It counts 14 neat cottages with AC, hot and cold water and all with sea views. The clean and spacious restaurant serves good food and t...meer infomore infoInformations supplémentaires

Cruises Kalimantan

camp leakey2.jpg
In Kalimantan Merapi only organises cruises on the Mahakam river.
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