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8 Days diving Raja Ampat - Pearl of Papua liveaboard

This itinerary is ideal for a first timer visiting Raja Ampat. The cruise covers the best part and the most popular dive spot in Raja Ampat in a short period of time. Four Kings Archipelago encompasses more than 9.8 million acres of land and sea off the northwestern tip of Indonesia’s West Papua Province. To be able to sample the best spot in 8 days cruise is satisfying. Some best diving spot comes with water temperature range from 26-29 Celcius


About € 325 / night in standard cabine , € 2.250 per 7 nights

Departure dates

16 Aug - 23 Aug 07 Nights, 26 Aug - 02 Sep 07 Nights
05 Sep - 13 Sep 08 Nights, 24 Sep - 01 Oct 07 Nights
04 Oct - 11 Oct 07 Nights, 22 Oct- 30 Oct 08 Nights

20 Jan - 27 Jan 07 Nights, 29 Jan - 05 Feb 07 Nights
07 Feb - 17 Feb 10 Nights
02 Mar - 09 Mar 07 Nights, 24 Mar- 31 Apr 07 Nights
14 Apr - 21 Apr 07 Nights, 23 Apr - 30 Apr 07 Nights
03 May - 10 May 07 Nights, 22 May - 30 May 08 Nights
02 Jun - 10 Jun 08 Nights, 12 Jun - 19 Jun 07 Nights, 21 Jun - 29 Jun 08 Nights
15 Aug - 22 Aug 07 Nights, 24 Aug - 31 Aug 07 Nights
03 Sep - 11 Sep 08 Nights, 13 Sep - 20 Sep 07 Nights, 23 Sep - 30 Sep 07 Nights
02 Oct - 10 Oct 08 Nights, 12 Oct - 19 Oct 07 Nights, 21 Oct- 29 Oct 08 Nights
01 Nov - 08 Nov 07 Nights, 10 Nov - 17 Nov 07 Nights
02 Dec - 09 Dec 07 Nights, 10 Dec - 17 Dec 07 Nights, 20 Dec - 27 Dec 07 Nights, 29 Dec - 06 Jan 08 Nights

In- en exclusief

•Breakfast, lunch and dinner
•Fresh fruit, snacks, soft drinks, coffee, tea
•3 or 4 dives per day, according to the program
•transfers from airport to port and vice versa
•field trips

•Diving equipment
•Entrance & harbor fee Raja Ampat (approx US $ 125)
•(alcoholic beverages
•Tips and expenses of a personal nature
•Travel and cancellation insurance
•Booking costs and contribution Calamity Fund € 30 per booking
•SGR contribution € 5 per person
•CO2 compensation € 22 per person

Extra information liveaboard:

Down payment after reservation is 30%
Cancellation costs within 91 days before the start: 100%

Dag 1 Aankomst Sorong, aan boord van de Pearl of Papua

When you arrive at Sorong Airport our crew will be waiting for you in the arrival hall, after collecting your luggage we will escort you to the harbour where our tender boats will take you out to the Pearl of Papua where our friendly crew will greet you with a cold refreshing towel and drink. This will be followed by cabin allocation and boat orientation. When all guests are on board the Cruise Director will give you a presentation about the Pearl of Papua and diving recommendations. Depending on departure time they maybe an opportunity to have a check dive just outside Sorong Harbour. Lunch and dinner will be served during the sail out to Raja Ampat (08hrs)

Day 2 Dampier Strait

The guests’ first dive is a check dive, Mioskon Island is a great place to do this and still be a world class dive. Here the guests can get comfortable with their equipment, buoyancy and refresh some basic skills. The Dampier Strait area has some of the most action packed diving in Raja Ampat and guests can see fish, fish and more fish but it is also the area where the saying ‘No Current = No Fish’ originated from. There are many dive sites to choose from but Cape Kri, Chicken + Sardine Reef, Mikes Point and Mioskon are definitely on the schedule Dive 1: Blue Magic Dive 2: Cape Kri Dive 3: Batu Lima Dive 4: Mike’s Point

Dag 3 Wayag island

We will be arriving in the morning in Wayag Island – one of “must see” itinerary for Raja Ampat cruise. We park the boat in the front of Mount Pindito where we make the famous “hike”. Bring your camera, your hat and your walking shoes. You will about to view the breath taking scenery over the island group here. After taking load of pictures from above we will have nice and easy picnic on the beach, having relax morning, swimming and snorkeling. Take our tender boat to marvel the spectacular hidden bay and little lagoon. We will make time to have couple of dives around northern part of Raja Ampat Aljui Bay or Gam. Climb Mount Pindito Dive 1: Eagle Rock Dive 2: White Arrow Dive 3: Black Rock Dive 4: Tear Drop Corner

Dag 4 Sel Pele Bay

Sel Pele is a very large bay located on the western side of Waigeo Island, and is renowned as the best place in Raja Ampat for critter hunting. The bay has a large mouth with a small island in the centre. Sometimes between our dives we make tour and visit the pearl farms. Dinding Selatan; Kebung Kerang; and Pearl farm Pier (The Jetty) are among our selection for day and night dives in the area. Tour Pearl Farm Dive 1: Pearl Farm Main Jetty Dive 2: Pearl Farm Refuel Jetty Tour Pearl Farm Dive 3: Channel Island

Dag 5 Fam and Penemu Island

Spread over nearly 700 square kilometer of ocean just above the midway point on Raja Ampat’s north-south axis, Pam and Penemu vivid corals thrive while withstanding, indeed reveling in, some of Dampier’s strongest current. We will have fun drifting away with current at Melissa Garden, Barracuda and Angelina Passage. Dive 1: Reef Bayangan Dive 2: Angeline Reef Dive 3: Melissa Garden Dive 4: Inside Hidden Bay

Day 6  Arborek - Manta Sandy

On the way back to Sorong we will stop by at the famous Arborek, the dive spot selection in this area are abundant. Manta sandy and Manta Ridge will be among our dive spot selection where you can spot group of Mantas circling and swimming. Dive 1: Manta Sandy Dive 2: Manta Sandy Dive 3: Lalosi

Dag 7 Dampier Strait

We can’t get enough of Dampier Straits. It contain some of Raja Ampat’s most action packed dives. This times we will have only two shallow dives in our last dives day. This time we dive at Chicken Reef and Sardine Reef, the dive spot that offer an unforgettable diving experience where you could spot huge schools of fish parade by barracuda or blue tail surgeonfish patrol the reef top, Manta is usually seen. Sheer numbers of fish here, of course there are great schools of trevallies and tuna in numbers that practically block out the light. You can also be enthralled by vast numbers of bumpheaded parrotfish as they charge around and devour the coral. Dive 1: Chicken Reef Dive 2: Sardine Reef

Dag 8 Back to Sorong

The guests’ first dive is a check dive, Mioskon Island is a great place to do this and still be a world class dive. Here the guests can get comfortable with their equipment, buoyancy and refresh some basic skills. The Dampier Strait area has some of the most action packed diving in Raja Ampat and guests can see fish, fish and more fish but it is also the area where the saying ‘No Current = No Fish’ originated from. There are many dive sites to choose from but Cape Kri, Chicken + Sardine Reef, Mikes Point and Mioskon are definitely on the schedule Dive 1: Blue Magic Dive 2: Cape Kri Dive 3: Batu Lima Dive 4: Mike’s Point

Pearl of Papua

The KLM Pearl of Papua is one of Indonesia’s most practical and great-value Liveaboard vessels. Built in 2010 with safety, practicality and comfort in mind, the Pearl of Papua aims to be your sanctuary at sea with its cozy cabins and en-suite bathrooms, on board pampering, delicious and hearty meals, and overall hassle-free adventure. Crafted by the highly respected and renowned boat builders of Tanah Beru in South Sulawesi, our beautiful wooden Phinisi schooner is fitted with the latest marine technology and equipments that are ensured to meet with international safety standards. Specifically designed for liveaboard diving cruises, the Pearl of Papua provides a huge dedicated dive-deck with gear-up stations assigned for each diver throughout the cruise. The KLM Pearl of Papua is our dedicated vessel for all scheduled cruises in RAJA AMPAT and CENDERAWASIH BAY. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is an archipelago in West Papua (former Irian Jaya) and consists of 610, mostly uninhabited islands. The four largest islands are Waigeo in the north, Salawati (southwest of Sorong), Batanta (north of Salawati) and Misool in the southwest. The name Raja Ampat is also based on these four islands and literally translated means "the four kings".

Raja Ampat is a relatively unknown area in Indonesia, but this destination is well known among divers. This is due to the wide range of various fish species and fantastic coral reefs, varying from hard to soft coral. But the islands themselves are also impressive. The Raja Ampat Islands have quiet lagoons with crystal white sand and water that varies from bright green to bright blue.

Diving is especially popular in the Dampier Strait. Here you will find numerous dive spots with an incredible amount of coral and fish. Cape Kri, Blue Magic and Manta Point are real eye-catchers.
Misool is also loved for its wide variety of fish and coral.

Raja Ampat is open all year round, but from mid-July to mid-September you are more likely to experience rain and high waves. Misool is closed between mid-June and mid-September.
Raja Ampat has dozens of dive resorts and homestays. The homestays often use local diving schools, such as the Arborek dive shop. The more luxurious diving resorts offer not only more comfort, but also more safety. Sorido Bay resort, Raja Ampat Biodiversity and Papua Explorers are our favorites in the Dampier Strait, Papua Paradise Eco resort off Batanta Island. The Scuba Republic is an excellent middle class resort.

A fast public ferry runs twice a day between Sorong and Waisai on Waigeo Island. Waigeo also has an airport with a daily flight to Sorong.


Liveaboards usually offer weeklong dive cruises in northern Raja Ampat (Dampier Strait and the northern Wajag karst islands. Longer, often 10-day trips also cover the southern part around Misool. Most liveaboards operate Raja Ampat cruises between September and March April, then dock and sail in the waters around Komodo for the summer season.

Video Raja Ampat snorkel cruise

Dive spots north Raja Ampat

Divie spots North Raja Ampat

These days you can dive and snorkel at will in the most beautiful area of Indonesia.
Between November and March a diving- or a snorkelling trip at Manta Sandy is a must! But don’t forget to admire the seahorses, wobbegong sharks, barracudas and other wonderful fish above the marvellous healthy coral as well.
Besides diving and snorkelling you can book excursions to the birds of paradise or a traditional village on the spot. Or just chill out on the beach…

Cape Kri

One of the favorite dives, Cape Kri is Sordio Bay’s house reef and less than 3 minute by boat from Kri Eco Resort. This is the dive site that put Raja Ampat on the map when Dr Gerry Allen smashed his record for total number of fish species on a single tank dive: 374 different species!

The world-record holding Cape Kri, with a record count of 374 different species in one dive counted by Dr. G. Allen, is just a 1 minute boat ride from our jetty. At the Northeast point of Kri island the currents sweep into a channel between Kri and the small island of Koh. At this point beneath waters churning in the current, huge schools of Big-eye trevallies, Barracudas and Snappers can be seen hanging over the drop-off. At the base of the reef at 38 meters an ancient snagged anchor rests next to a bommie with a dense school of Banded sweetlips. A large shallow coral garden crowns the reef top with blacktip reef sharks patrolling amongst the overlapping maze of hard corals with feeding hawksbill turtles. Car-sized Queensland groupers down to the diminutive ever-present pygmy seahorse can be seen on this phenomenal and always-surprising dive site! Dawn and dusk are feeding time so divers can experience this site at its awe-inspiring best.

Blue magic

Only 15 minutes from Kri Island, this small pinnacle has almost everything

From Wobbegong sharks to tiny 2cm Denise Pygmy seahorses. The reef top is covered in hard coral with some big coral heads and some tabling Acropora corals well over 3 metres across. There is a resident school of Big eye Trevallies and many large Barracuda. Green Turtles can be found here as well as Black Tips, White Tips and the occasional Grey Reef Sharks. If you are very lucky even a Giant Manta Ray. The magnificent dive ends with a blue water safety stop drifting over and away from the reef.


Only 10 mins from Kri Island, this submerged reef with a reef top at 5 metres, contains a very high biomass, one of the highest in Raja Ampat.

Sardines reef is quite simply one of the best reef dives in the world, where divers witness the phenomenal diversity of Raja Ampat at full force. Where the current strikes this offshore reef and splits, a dazzling array of fish congregate, audibly swarming fusiliers spin above, pursued by huge giant trevallies, packs of Bluefin jacks and huge Spanish mackerels. Batfish gather in the hundreds, while multitudes of schooling bannerfish feed in the current. Grey reef sharks, blacktips and whitetips can also be seen along with the wobbegong waiting in ambush on the sea floor. Coral bommies dot the slope covered with many colourful species of dendronephya soft corals and up to three separate species of Pygmy seahorses can be found amongst them. On the current-swept reef top a resident school of thirty massive bumphead parrotfish crunch on the coral, keeping the divers company on a safety stop who hang from their reef-hooks like kites in the wind. Upon surfacing, many divers comment that this is the best dive they have ever done!! Photographers love this dive site and have to return to change from wide angle to macro!

Manta Sandy

Only 25 mins from Kri Island, this sandy slope is famous for its Manta Rays. It is a cleaning station where they come in to get cleaned.

If the many reefs are not enough this area also boasts some of the best manta diving in the world! There are two main manta sites just half an hour away. One, Manta Sandy, is a cleaning station where up to 10 mantas can be seen vying for a position above the two rocks where wrasses clean these giants. We get enormous 4 meter wide black mantas, looking like a negative photographic image, their gills are highlighted in white, along with the other more common white-bellied variety. Another site nearby, Manta Slope, mantas circle above in the sun while divers hook onto the reef while the current arcs overhead and down the steep slope below. Divers can be caught unaware while giant demonic-looking black mantas cruise by behind them. This trip is out of our 10km range, but is offered once a week without any fuel surcharges!

The Passage

As seen in many articles, including recently by David Doubilet in the Sept 2007 National Geographic, the passage is a completely unique dive site. The narrow canyon 40 minutes away between Gam and Waigeo can be described as river flowing between the two Islands, but also a marine environment, a haven of peculiar and unique microhabitats.

This is a place where experienced divers and photographers enjoy the utterly different experience of diving in this truly one-of-a-kind location. Above water the sheer limestone cliffs make this a place where the sightseeing above water is also excessively beautiful. Guests combine this trip visiting the labyrinthine Hidden Bay, a maze of towering islets, and Kabui Bay where literally hundreds of mushroom islands create staggering scenery. This trip is out of our 10km range, but is offered once a week without any fuel surcharges!

Arborek Jetty

Directly below the jetty of the mini-island of Arborek you will find large schools of Sweetlips, Barracudas and hunting Mackerel. The soft coral also hides Pipefish, Snappers, Batfish, Bumphead cattlefish and if you are at the right time and place you can also spot the Wobbegong.
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