Short holidays in Indonesia

Short holidays in Indonesia

Merapi has put together a number of short trips of about 2 weeks, ideal for autumn, Christmas or spring holidays ... or just somewhere in between.

These trips are example trips and we can tailor them to your wishes or budget.

Round trip 15 days Bali Differently

Bali is still holiday destination number one in Indonesia. On this relatively small island (ca 150 x 100km) everything’s possible: relaxing on the beach, enjoying art and culture, walking through the nature or through the rice fields, trekking over volcanoes or through the jungle, rafting, snorkelling, diving, going out, cooking workshops or just eating, surfing, sailing (just to name a few…).

Target price
€ 1.625 p.p. based on 2 persons in low season
€ 1.525 p.p. based on 4 persons or more in low season

This is an example of what a round trip could be like. Depending on your wishes, we can make changes to the program and we’ll be happy to help you put together your tailor-made trip.

Round trip 15 days Bali DIFFERENTLY

Round trip 14 days pure Lombok

During this complete tour you will get acquainted with the "real" life on Lombok and enjoy the beautiful underwater world of the Gilli Islands. You visit colorful traditional markets and special cemeteries to which magical powers are assigned. You get to know the traditional Sasak people with their dance skills and delicious cuisine. You walk through breathtaking landscapes and visit weaving and pottery villages. Join us on a journey of discovery!

Targetprice € 1.800 p.p. based on double occupacancy in low season

Round trip 14 days pure Lombok

Round trip 16 days cultural and adventurous Flores and Komodo

This short round trip takes you to the islands of Komodo and Flores. You go on a boat trip in the Komodo Marine Park and see the prehistoric Komodo dragons and a beautiful underwater world. You will visit and experience the traditional villages, snorkle at the 17 islands near Riung and do an easy trekking to the 3 lakes of the Kelimutu volcano. The last days you can relax on the beach at Maumere.
On the way we’ll discover the many faces of Flores and its people. We stop regularly. Sometimes to be warmly welcomed in a traditional village, another time to take a dip from the beach and regularly to view small cottage industry and local crafts.

Target price
€ 2.390 p.p. based on 2 persons in low season
€ 1.510 p.p. based on 4 persons or more in low season

Round trip 16 days cultural and adventurous Flores and Komodo

Round trip 16 days Baliem valley and Raja Ampat homestay

This adventurous and cultural round trip takes you to the tribes in the tribes in the Baliem valley and diving and snorkelling paradise Raja Ampat in Papua (former Dutch New-Guinea).

The trip is like travelling some centuries back in a time machine. You’ll visit the very traditional Dani and Yali tribes and you can make beautiful walks in the valley. You stay in hotel Pilamo in the city (Wamena). If you’re in for it, you can also do a few days trekking in the valley.
Then you travel to the idyllic Raja Ampat archipelago, the crème de la crème’ for snorkelers and divers. You stay in a local, very simple homestay and you will have time enough to dive or snorkel, watch the birds of paradise and relax.

Target prices
€ 2.990 p.p. based on 2 persons in low season
€ 2.890 p.p. based on 4 persons or more in low season

Round trip 16 days Baliem valley and Raja Ampat homestay

Round trip 16 days Adventurous Sumatra and Pulau Weh

The favourite tour for nature and adventure lovers, also for families with teenagers!

Rainforest, jungle trekking, elephants, orangutans, (optional) wild-water rafting and culture on the island Samosir in the immense Lake Toba.

Then you fly in one hour to the bounty island Pulau Weh, where you can relax, snorkel and dive.

You’ll travel with your own driver at your own pace. He knows all nice, interesting and photogenic places to stop along the way.

Target prices
€ 1.950 p.p. based on 2 persons in low season
€ 1.750 p.p. based on 4 persons in low season

Round trip 16 days Adventurous Sumatra and Pulau Weh

Round trip 16 days adventurous Sumatra and cultural Bali

This Bali & Beyond trip will take you to the jungle of North Sumatra and the beautiful Lake Toba to the Gods Island Bali where you will enjoy a wonderful beach and cultural holiday.

You’ll stay 8 days on Sumatra and 7 days on Bali

This trip has a nice mix of beach, nature and culture.
The favourite tour for nature and adventure lovers! A must for families with teenagers.

Experience the culture on the island of Samosir in the large lake Toba, experience the adventure of rainforest, jungle trekking and elephant washing in the jungle of Sumatra and enjoy the beautiful culture and white beaches on Bali.

There is plenty of time for stops along the way, your driver knows all the nice and photogenic ones.

Target prices
€ 2,150 p.p. based on 2 persons in low season
€ 2,595 p.p. based on 2 persons in high season

Round trip 16 days adventurous Sumatra and cultural Bali

Cruises in Indonesia

Indonesia counts more than 17.000 islands and therefore also many seas. No wonder a lot of cruises are organised in the area. In summer many schooners sail around in the area between Bali and Flores and the Komodo National Park. Around October, many schooners move to the Moluccas and Papua.

On a cruise you do make a very special Indonesia trip! In a wonderfully relaxed pace you sail from one place to another and make special and varied excursions!

Most cruises are made on original Buginese schooners, traditional wooden ships, equipped with luxury and safety features. You have your own air-conditioned cabin and private bathroom and toilet. Exceptions to this are the Perama cruises between Lombok and Flores. You are aboard with some 30 to 50 other people and share toilets and shower cabins. Cabins are simple and the real budget travellers can sleep on deck.

For all cruises, safety is paramount, so programs are subject to change.

Cruises in Indonesië

Diving in Indonesia

Both novice and experienced, budget or spoiled divers are fully catered for from Pulau Weh on Sumatra to Raja Ampat or Triton bay on Papua.
Our diving trips can focus on diving alone, but can also perfectly be combined with surprising round trips in Indonesia.
Also for groups (individually or in groups) we can perfectly tailor an Indonesia trip for both divers and non-divers.

Diving pearls are the waters around Komodo, Alor, the Wakatobi islands in south Sulawesi, Bunaken, Gangga and Lembeh in north Sulawesi and of course Raja Ampat. But the islands in East Kalimantan are also full of interesting dives!
Macro dives are fantastic in the Moluccas and in the winter months the Banda archipelago is terrific!

Merapi offers both Indonesia diving trips in dive resorts and on liveaboards. We offer most diving trips as tour modules. Of course we can also book your flights and all transfers. For the same price as direct booking you get our service from Schiphol to Schiphol and your entire trip is fully covered by SGR, ANVR and Calamiteitenfonds.

Diving in Indonesia

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