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Nusa Menjangan dive sites

Dive sites Nusa Menjangan

The waters of the Bali Sea around the island of Nusa Menjangan offer plenty of variety for both beginners and experienced divers. Along the spectacular coral reefs and walls you will certainly come face to face with turtles, large groups of jacks, barracudas and sea bass, reef sharks, napoleon fish and much more. The walls run from 5 to 40 meters deep. Visibility is generally 10 to 30 meters, the temperature pleasant: around 28 degrees. Diving is possible all year round. Bali has a rainy period from approximately November to March. During these months there are heavy showers every day, often in the afternoon and evening. It can also happen that it rains all day for a few days.
In the April-October period, it is generally dry with occasional showers.

Pos Satu (1)

Pos Satu, post one, offers a relaxing dive without currents. Above the reef you’ll look for Nemo, squids, moray eels and the gorilla crab. The colourful wall goes down to a depth of around 40 meters.
Depth: 5-40 meters
Suitable for: all levels

Pos Dua (2)

Pos Dua (the second post) is also a quiet spot with almost no current. The wall dive starts at around 12 meters and reaches a depth of 30 meters. The water here is often very clear, so you often have a good view of the sharks and eagle rays on the sandy bottom. The wall contains a lot of soft coral and sponges.
Depth: 12 - 30 meters
Suitable for: all levels

Eel Garden

This dive starts west of the island. From the north wall we drifted towards The Channel. Because of the current there is a lot of diversity in fish and colorful coral: white-tip reef sharks, barracudas and napoleon fish are often seen residents. As the name implies, you will find huge amounts of eels at the end of the dive, in a shallow area.
Depth: 5 to 40 meters
Suitable for: all levels (but often current, so drift diving)

Kapal Budak / Anchor wreck

Kapal Budak is a dive site, named after the anchor of a 200-year-old wooden shipwreck that lies at a depth of 6 meters, the wreck itself lies at a depth of around 30 meters. Part of the cargo (copper and ceramics) is still in the wreck. During the dive to the wreck you will find not only beautiful coral, but also moray eels, turtles and reef sharks.
Depth: 5-35 meters
Level: all levels

Temple point / Bat cave

At the foot of a Ganesha statue the dive starts at Temple point. You can easily drift along to the dive site at Bat cave, a cave with hundreds of bats. Under water we are more interested in fishlife and with a bit of luck you can also see manta rays and sometimes even whale sharks.
Depth: 10-30 meters
Suitable for: all levels

Nusabay Menjangan house reef

Het huisrif van Nusabay Menjangan bevat veel kleurrijk hard en zacht koraal. Onder de talloze vissen kan het niet anders dan dat je Nemo ook tegenkomt...