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Saparua is the largest of the Lease Islands. In terms of area, it is comparable to Texel and there are just under 50,000 islanders. As on many Moluccan islands, sago palm is the most important staple food. There are many places to see the sago production and processing.

The VOC fort Benteng Duurstede is one of the bigger sights. The museum has a nice collection of old war equipment.
Saparua has about twenty villages. The ferry from Ambon arrives in Haria. The VOC fort Benteng Duurstede is located near the "capital" Saparua. It is one of the bigger sights. The museum has a nice collection of old war equipment.

The pretty village of Ouw is located on a hill. It has a lot of stairs you have to take to see the old church. Proas are being built on the beach. There is also a pottery workshop in the village.

You spend the night in the Perdana guesthouse in the village of Saparua. Take into account uninterested staff and a meager breakfast with soggy sandwiches and cold coffee. More attractive is the Rumah RP guesthouse in the village of Ihamahu. You can also take a cooking course here. Divers have a choice of the simple Mahu lodge, with not the best diving center, or the luxurious Cape Paperu.

Perdana is a cosy and simple guesthouse with 20 rooms. You stay here in the new part. The rooms are equipped with AC. The bathrooms have a western toilet and mandi basin (no shower).

The rooms have a nice terrace overlooking the courtyard.

Do take into account a very scanty breakfast and not r ... meer infomore infoinformations supplémentaires

Rumah RP ligt op een rustige, prachtige plek aan zee in het dorp Ihamahu, op het eiland Saparua, Molukken; ongeveer een uur varen van het eiland Ambon. Het vakantiehuis biedt volpension aan 6 personen en heeft een woon/eetkamer, keuken, badkamer, twee terrassen en drie slaapkamers. Elke slaapkamer h ... meer infomore infoinformations supplémentaires