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Dive spots Bira

Dive spots Bira

Bira or Tanjung Bira is located in the most southern part of the province of South Sulawesi, a 5 to 6 hour drive from Makassar and is very popular with (local) tourists.
Tanjung Bira is famous for the beautiful and clean pearlwhite sandy beach, some even call it enchanting. Here you can dive, swim, sunbathe and snorkel, enjoy the sunset and the sunrise or go to the spectacular viewpoint Puang Janggo. The viewpoint lies a bit further inland on the top of a hill which is more than 400 meters high. Sports enthusiasts can hike from the foot of the hill to the summit in about 40 minutes.
The Liukkang Beach and the island of Kambing opposite the beach of Bira are also worth a visit.

Tanjung Bira also offers very different dive sites. Challenging adventure; Underwater currents, White Tip and Black Tip sharks that swim around the divers. Some dive sites in Bira are only recommended for experienced divers, but there are also some nice places for beginners. Bira is a special place for divers because of the passive interaction with sharks. Snorkelling is fine too.

Tanjung Bira has a couple of good spots and some interesting coral formations including a spur at 30 meters that is often surrounded by reef sharks. Maramasa Pinnacles are located to the north of Bira and offer good diving although evidence of dynamite fishing can be seen.

Tanjung Bira.

This dive site consists of sand, coral and rocks, at about 30 meters depth you will find regular sharks, rays, barracudas, beautiful hard corals and if you are lucky, even a hammerhead shark. There are also thousands of fish in all colours and shapes, including royal / angelfish, checkerboard wrasse and masked unicorn fish, against a beautiful backdrop of acropora corals, sea fans and sponges.

House Reef Bira.

A nice wall dive to about 20 meters deep. The coral reef on this site is dominated by soft coral. Many lion devils here, from clearfin, spotless to the zebra lionfish and even the shy two-spot lionfish. Also Nudibranch and many coral reef fish. Whale sharks and Devil rays usually pass here. The coral reef fish you see here are Butterfly fish, Cardinal fish, Angelfish, Groupers, Damselfish, Anthias, Batfish, Wrasse, Parrot fish, Surgeon fish, Trigger fish, Puffer fish, Box fish and Porcupine fish.

Stingray Bay.

Best time to go diving is early in the morning, there are 2 small sea-mountains of about 15 meters with lots of red corals, anemones, eels and Lion fish.
Average depth: 15 - 20m, bottom contour: Slope, bottom composition: sand, coral and rocks, coral reef: predominantly soft coral.


Pasi Island is part of Selayar Island Regency.
The beautiful coral garden and the underwater landscape invite to photo shoots. Coral reef fish: Butterfly fish, Cardinal fish, Angelfish, Groupers, Damselfish, Anthias, Batfish, Wrasse, Parrot fish, Surgeon fish, Trigger fish, Puffer fish, Box fish and Porcupine fish.
Average depth: 5 - 40 m, bottom composition: sand, coral and rocks.
This dive site is suitable for beginners.

Liukkang Island.

This dive site is one of the places to see Sharks, Jacks, Dog tuna, schools of Barracudas and Surgeons.
Average depth: 5 - 30 m, coral reef: predominantly hard coral, bottom contour: slope.
This place is suitable for beginners.

Bira Harbour.

This site is located opposite the port of Bira, the bottom consists of sand, coral and rocks. Average depth 5 - 25m, there are also wrecks here.

East of Bira

A beautiful wall followed by a slope which turns into the shallows. In the deeper parts (30 - 40 m) there are White tip and Grey reef sharks, Eagle rays and Stingrays. The shallows are quite interesting too, if you take a close look you can find Nudibranches and Ribbon eels.

West of Bira

This spot offers a colourful wall with a sandy bottom at about 10 - 30 meters. Turtles and lots of reef fish.

Shark point.

This site is close to the port. You do a drift dive on a slope and sometimes the current can be pretty strong here. A good place for big fish such as tuna, trevallies, sharks and cod.

Kambing Island.

Kambing Island is located between Selayar Island and Bira. This site is excellent. You dive on a wall that drops to at least 60m. Sometimes there is a lot of current and you have to know when you can dive and when it is better to listen to the boat captain and dive somewhere else. During the dive, sharks continually patrol back and forth, Whitetip and Blacktip sharks on the wall and Nurse sharks in the coral garden that starts from about 15 meters up. You will most likely see schools of hunting Mackerels or Tunas and large Trevallies, as well as groups of Bumphead parrot fish. In the coral garden you may find Scorpion fish, Cuttlefish or an Octopus and with some luck the juvenile zebra-batfish. A great place to dive!

Maru Masa.

This site consists of sand, coral and hard rocks, sometimes Mantas come by. You can see Trevallies, Snappers, Fusiliers, Sweetlips, Tuna and much more. Average depth is 15 - 25 m and it is also suitable for beginners. The coral reef fish you see here are Butterfly fish, Cardinal fish, Angelfish, Groupers, Damselfish, Anthias, Batfish, Wrasse, Parrot fish, Surgeon fish, Trigger fish, Box fish, Puffer fish and Porcupine fish.

Black Sands.

Besides our fantastic reefs in Bira we continue exploring new sites around Bira. A longer boat trip of about 2 hours takes you to Black Sands for some great muck diving in volcanic sand with lots of rare Frog fish, Octopus, Nudibranches and other critters in abundance.
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