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Tanah Toraja

Tanah Toraja (Torajaland)

Tanah Toraja is also known as the land of the Heavenly Kings. Here, in this part of South Sulawesi, the mountain people of the Toraja live. They have a partly Christian and animistic philosophy of life. That belief also includes the fact that the deceased survive after death. So death is not a final farewell.

The impressive death ceremonies are held all year round. The richer the deceased, the greater the ceremony. Family members, neighbors and acquaintances are invited to the ceremonies. Each takes an offering. The richer the deceased, the more people are invited and the more buffalo and pigs are slaughtered and distributed among those present. It is no exception if 10 buffaloes and 20 pigs are traditionally slaughtered during the ceremony.

You are always welcome at a ceremony. However, they are not made to order. Your driver or guide will certainly alert you when a ceremony is held. Take a small gift with you when you visit a ceremony.

The final part of the ceremony, which can sometimes last up to a week, is the placing of the deceased in the rocks. The richer, the higher the grave. A tau-tau doll is also made from the deceased, which resembles the deceased. The doll is therefore buried in the rocks.

Tanah Toraja is known not only for the mysterious death ceremonies but also for its breathtaking natural beauty. It is a fertile area due to its high location. In addition to the rolling rice fields and bamboo forests, there are coffee, cocoa, vanilla and clove plantations

The typical traditional houses (Tongkonans) with their gable roofs are still built according to old custom.

Allow at least three full days to visit Tanah Toraja. There is so much to see and do!
During your stay in Toraja, try the local Pa'piong dish: a bamboo or meat or chicken dish. And of course that includes a bamboo cup with balok (plam wine).

The beautiful and small-scale (2 rooms) Tongkonan Layuk Lion hotel is a fifteen minute drive from Rantepao. Various walks can be made from the hotel.
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