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Way Kambas

Way Kambas

Way Kambas National Park is a park in the province of Lampung on southwest Sumatra. The park is known for the presence of the Sumatran rhinoceros. The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary is also located in Way Kambas National Park for research and a breeding program.

The Way Kambas tour module will take you into wildlife experience in the Way Kambas National Park, South Sumatra. Here you can find the Sumatran elephants, the small Sunda slow loris, mammals, Siamang gibbons and many other species. Although Rhinos and Sumatran tigers also have their domicille in Wa ... meer infomore infoinformations supplémentaires

This lodge (formerly Motel Kalpataru) is located near the Way Kambas National Park. It consists of 8 bungalows that are spaciously set up. Each room has a bathroom with hot water and a ceiling fan that works on solar energy.

Number of rooms: 8

Facilities: Restaurant and bar. ... meer infomore infoinformations supplémentaires

Simple eco lodge 500 meters from the Way Kambas National park.
The lodge has 4 two-room cottages, equipped with fan, shower with hot running water, western toilet and private terrace. In short: very simple accommodation where you quickly feel at home among the Asian fruit trees.
There is a simple ... meer infomore infoinformations supplémentaires