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Rondreis 24 dagen trans-Sulawesi

Round trip 23 days trans-Sulawesi from south to north

This trip has a perfect mix of nature, beach and culture. The journey departs from Makassar to Manado at a leisurely pace. A trip straight through the island of Sulawesi. Along the impressive and unique culture of the Toraja people, through beautiful lakes, mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, white beaches and by boat to the underwater world of the enchanting National Marine park Bunaken.

When you travel with a guide, he has your full attention and explains the country and its customs. If you travel without a guide, your driver will be fine with everything, but he is not a guide, generally speaks no or poor English or Dutch and will usually stay with the car to fit your suitcases.

Those who choose this beautiful trip should take into account sometimes beautiful but long travel days. In the Sulawesi countryside, only simple accommodation that matches the surroundings is available.

This roundtrip is a sample how your trip could look like. The target prices are based on middle class hotels. Our Indonesia experts are happy to help you tailormade your trip to your demands.

Target prices 2024

Richtprijs € 2.125 p.p. op basis van 2 deelnemers
Richtprijs € 1.795 p.p. op basis van 4 deelnemers

Included and excluded

• Accommodaties op basis van logies en ontbijt
• Privé auto of minibus inclusief chauffeur, zijn maaltijden en overnachtingen
• Engelstalige gids tijdens 3 dagen Toraja en Noord Sulawesi
• Lunches en diner in de Doda vallei en in Tangkoko
• Alle genoemde excursies

•Intercontinentale en binnenlandse vluchten
•Engels- of Nederlandstalige gids op overige dagen
•Fooien en uitgaven van persoonlijke aard
•Reis- en annuleringsverzekeringen
•Boekingskosten € 27,50
•Bijdrage Calamiteitenfonds € 2,50 per boeking
•Bijdrage SGR € 5,00 per persoon
•CO2 compensatie € 22 per persoon