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Round trip 14 days pure Lombok

Day 1 Flight Amsterdam-Jakarta-Lombok Praya (Garuda)

Garuda Indonesia flies non-stop from Amsterdam to Jakarta with her new Boeing 777-300 ER. Experience the hospitality of Indonesian culture on board with Garuda Indonesia, the national airline of Indonesia. The direct connection takes you from Amsterdam to Jakarta in just 13.5 hours. Departure Amsterdam around noon, arrival Jakarta early in the morning. Your connecting flight departs approximately 4 hours later and lasts approximately 2 hours.

Day 2 Lombok arrival, transfer to your hotel

When you arrive at Praya airport, if you have an international flight, you must first go to the immigration service and customs. Outside your driver will be waiting for you. He will take you to your hotel. On the way to the hotel you will immediately see why Lombok is called the island of a thousand mosques. Overnight in Senggigi.

Day 3 Senggigi - free program

There is nothing on the program this day. You can laze by the pool or the beach. Senggigi has a pleasant center with many nice shops and restaurants. Some restaurants have performances during dinner. You will find the best fish restaurants along the beach. From Senggigi you can also take a day trip to the Gili islands where you can snorkel beautifully. There are also many other day trips to the untouched Lombok.

Day 4 to Senaru, on the flank of the Rinjani volcano

You will be picked up this morning and driven to Senaru via the northwest coast. Along the way you can enjoy the view over the Lombok Sea and possibly grill a tasty fish. Along the traditional North coast, the Wetu Telu religion is adhered to, a mix of Islam and Animism. In the afternoon you will see the flanks of the Rinjani volcano. As we rise the temperature drops and we arrive in the mountain drop Senaru, from where many treks to the Rinjani start. The simple hotel has a beautiful view of the sea and the volcano. Overnight in Senaru.

Day 5 A beautiful walk and then to the north-east coast

Today you have a brisk but fun and educational walk ahead. One of the female guides from the village who has been trained by a New Zealand project is ready to take you and talk about everyday life in the villages on the north flank of the Rinjani. The residents here know a mixture of Muslim faith and traditionally animistic lifestyle. Through the small villages, the rice fields and the bamboo forest you can experience the area and its inhabitants in about four hours. A special walk with special encounters and surprises. After lunch, get back in the car and your driver will drive back to the coast. With some stops along the way, including the oldest mosque in Lombok (there are 1,000 in all of Lombok) you arrive in the coastal town of Labuan Pandan. Your hostess and host would like to welcome you here. Simple stay in Labuan Pandan.

Day 6 Snorkelling and to the southern flank of the volcano, Tetebatu

After a simple breakfast in the guesthouse, go to the beach and board a wooden motor boat. Your captain sails in just over half an hour to one of the Gili's (Gili is the Lombok name of an island) off the coast. Everything here is simple and the snorkeling unique. Enjoy the blue coral, which you hardly see in Indonesia. You will have until after lunch (packed lunch from the guesthouse) to swim, snorkel and relax before sailing back to the 'mainland' of Lombok. Here you get back in the car and your driver brings you to the mountain village of Tetebatu, on the southern flank of the Rinjani volcano. On the way to Tetebatu you will make a stop in Limbunan, a traditional Sasak village. The houses in the center are all made of bamboo, making it look like you have gone back in time. Overnight in the mountain village of Tetebatu, which is approximately 800 meters above sea level.

Day 7 Traditional Lombok

This day is mainly devoted to the traditional Lombok home industry. Today a walk through the rice fields and tobacco plantations is planned to Pringasela, a traditional Sasak village known for the ancient weaving techniques of the Ikat patterns, typical of Lombok. Before you leave for the next village, they prepare a delicious lunch for you. A warm welcome awaits you in the village of Lenek, where you are accompanied musically from the busy road to the Dessa and where some traditional Sasak dances are performed. On the way back to Tetebatu you will finally make a stop at the village of Masbagik where you can see how the pottery is still made by hand. Overnight in Tetebatu

Day 8 A walk to the waterfall and boat trip to Gili Meno

This morning you will take a beautiful walk on the southern flank of the Rinjani volcano. You walk along beautiful green rice terraces and traditional villages. The last part goes through dense rainforest. Sometimes you will encounter black langur monkeys along the way. You can swim and shower under a splashing waterfall. Ice cold but very refreshing after the fatigues. After lunch you drive via Mataram to Narmada. Here you will visit the summer palace of Ngurah Asem, the king of Karangasem (Bali), built in 1727. Your driver will then drive you to the harbor town of Bangsal where you will board a small winged praw. This will take you to Gili Meno in just 45 minutes just off the coast of Lombok. This is really a coral island from an advertising brochure: snow-white beaches overgrown with palm trees and an azure blue sea. Gili Meno is by far the quietest of the three Gili islands. The coral reef starts just off the coast so all you have to do is step into the sea from the hotel. The rest of the days are free for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing! 3 nights at Gili Meno.

Day 9 Gili - free program

The Gili Islands offer a variety of options. Most vacationers visit the Gili's for diving or snorkeling. You can step straight into your tropical aquarium from your hotel room! The islands offer numerous dive centers where you can also take a test dive. Other possibilities are a surf workshop or lazing by the beach.

Day 10 Gili - free program

Enjoy the underwater world, the beach and the delicious food!

Day 11 Blue Water Express fastboat from Gili Air to Senggigi

After lunch, depart to the boat dock for 3:00 PM Blue Water Express fastboat to Lombok harbor. Once there, your driver will take you to your hotel in Senggigi. Overnight in Senggigi.

Day 12 Senggigi - free program

Nog een dagje luieren aan het zwembad of het strand. U kunt ook met de Cidomo (paardje met kar, ook wel de Mercedes Lombok genoemd) naar het centrum gaan om te winkelen of te lunchen.

Day 13 Pulang kampung, back to home

About 3 hours before departure you will be picked up from your hotel for the transfer to the airport.

flight Praya (Lombok)-Amsterdam via Jakarta

Flight with Garuda Indonesia Praya (Lombok) -Amsterdam with long transfer time in Jakarta. Departure from Lombok early afternoon and from Jakarta late in the evening and arrival Amsterdam in the morning.

Arrival Amsterdam

In the morning arrival at Schiphol. The end of a beautiful trip...
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