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Round trip 20 days Classic Java and Bali

Round trip 20 days classical Java and Bali

A comfortable individual journey through Java with plenty of space for special encounters.
Along the highlights of Java, including the historic centre of Jakarta, the large Botanic Garden in Bogor, the famous Borobudur, the impressive Bromo volcano and the plantations on East Java near Kalibaru.

Relaxing and snorkelling on the beach of North Bali, enjoying the Balinese nature and culture and beachfront and end your trip in a quiet hotel in the south.

The trip and the accommodations are perfectly suited for both young and old. Almost every hotel has a swimming pool.

On the way, plenty of attention and time for stops where you have time to take pictures, walk through the nature and get to know everyday life and people on Java.

If you travel with a guide, you will have his full attention and he tells and explains you about the country and its customs. If you travel without a guide, your driver can find his way very good, but he is not a guide, speaks no or very limited English and will stay with the car to protect your luggage.
This roundtrip is a sample how your trip could look like. The target prices are based on middle class hotels. Our Indonesia experts are happy to help you tailormade your trip to your demands.

Target prices 2024

€ 1.950 p.p. op basis van 2 personen in laagseizoen
€ 1.350 p.p. op basis van 4 personen in laagseizoen
Exclusief intercontinentale vluchten

Included and excluded