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Tour module round trip 5 days East Java: Vulcanoes and turtles starting from Bali

An adventurous tour from Bali through East Java. You will visit the impressive Madakaripura waterfall, experience the sunrise at the Bromo volcano, take a tour through the plantations of East Java, see the sea turtles laying eggs on the beach of Sukamade and take a night trip to the Blue Flames, or a morning trekking to the crater from the Kawah Ijen volcano.

Target prices

Target price € 750 per person including 2 dives per day
•Accommodaties op basis van logies en ontbijt
•Lunch en diner in SUkamade
•Privé auto of busje met chauffeur, zijn maaltijden en overnachtingen
•lokale gids Kawah IJen en Sukamade
•Jeep naar Kawah IJen en Sukamade

•Overige maaltijden
•Fooien en uitgaven van persoonlijke aard
•Reis-en annuleringsverzekeringen
•Boekingskosten en bijdrage Calamiteitenfonds €30 per boeking
•Bijdrage SGR € 5 per persoon
•CO2 compensatie € 22 per persoon

Dag 1 Van Bali naar de Madakaripurawaterval en Bromovulkaan

Depending on your place of residence in Bali, you will be picked up and taken to the airport for your 10:00 am Citilink flight to Surabaya. At the exit your driver and guide will be ready to take you to the Madakaripura waterfall in about 2 hours. From the parking lot you can either walk or on the back of a moped (ojek) to the entrance. The trek to the Madakaripura waterfall is tough and goes through (sometimes briskly flowing) rivers, muddy paths, under smaller waterfalls and over slippery rocks. After more than half an hour of climbing you will reach the magnificent waterfall and you can take a dip in the water. Flip flops and a poncho are indispensable for this trek. Also put on shorts because you regularly walk more than knee-deep through the water. Back at the parking lot, the driver will take you to the hotel. 1 short overnight stay close to the Bromo volcano.

Vlucht Denpasar-Surubaya (Garuda)

Binnenlandse vlucht Denpasar - Surabaya met Garuda Indonesia

Dag 2 Sunrise at the Bromo vulcano and tour to Kalibaru village

Around three o'clock you will be awakened to make a trip to the Bromo. With a jeep you will be taken to the viewing area on the edge of the Tengger kaldera. Although you are certainly not alone, in the high season there can be more than 500 visitors, there is a serene tranquility at the viewpoint. Everyone comes for the beautiful and mystical sunrise. From the platform you have a view of the sand sea and its four craters and in the background you can regularly see the Semeru volcano blowing a thrust into the air. Bring your sweater and windbreaker, it is very cold in the early morning! After the sunrise, return by jeep to the sandy sea. Here you can walk or on a horse (about 100,000 rupia) to the foot of the Bromo. Via about 300 steps you climb the Bromo crater to look from the crater rim into the crater of the volcano. After the Bromo, return to the hotel for breakfast. Then continue the journey to our next destination, the rural village of Kalibaru. A drive of about six hours. Overnight in Kalibaru.

Dag 3 Sukamade plantation tour and the sea turtles in the Meru Betiri Park organized by Kalibaru cottages

After breakfast, depart by jeep to the Meru Betiri National Park. Along the way you will witness life on the rubber, cocoa and palm plantations and see how in the last century the irrigation works still prove their service. Lunch is taken in a fishing village on Rajekwesi Bay. In the afternoon you arrive in Sukamade, where you will stay in the very simple pondok Wisata Baru or the Sukamade Mess (no hot water, sometimes no shower but a mandibak, sometimes yes and sometimes no electricity. Take toilet paper from your hotel). You visit the turtle nursery here and you can usually release young turtles on the beach. Around six o'clock you will have a simple dinner in the Pondok. Then you travel by jeep for half an hour towards the beach. The last kilometer has to be covered by foot through the forest. The local guide goes looking for nests on the beach. Once he has found a nest he will pick you up. The turtles that come to lay eggs here range from 150 - 350 kilos and lay about 100 - 150 eggs in about two hours, which hatch after 8 weeks. To prevent poachers and increase the chances of survival of the young turtles, the eggs are dug up and transferred to a shed near the Pondok. After hatching, the young turtles keep strengthening for a few days before they are released into the sea. Very simple overnight stay in Sukamade!

Dag 4 Van Sukamade naar de Kawah IJen vulkaan

Na het ontbijt bezoekt u het oude fabriekje waar latex wordt geproduceerd. Vervolgens rijdt u terug naar het vissersdorpje, waar rond die tijd de vissers thuiskomen en hun vangst aan wal brengen. Na de lunch vervolgt u de weg naar de Kawah IJen vulkaan. Overnachting nabij de Kawah IJen.

Dag 5 Nachtelijk avontuur op de Kawah Ijen en oversteek naar Bali

In the middle of the night we get up and have a long walk of about 2 hours to the top of the volcano Kawah Ijen. Then we descend into the crater, where men are also working hard at night to extract sulfur from the crater. The sulfur fumes are very predominant, so a nose mask or a scarf around your face is not a superfluous luxury. Arriving in the crater, when it is still dark and we are not unlucky, we see the Blue Flames, a mysterious blue glow that most closely resembles the blue flames from a gas stove. When we go back to the top of the crater around sunrise, you have a beautiful view over the lake, which is very poisonous due to the sulfur. You can also choose to leave around five in the morning. You will miss the Blue Flames. After breakfast we leave via Banyuwanggi to the port for the crossing by ferry to Bali. From the port in Bali it is then another hour's drive to your next destination in Pemuteran or the surrounding area. NB: The sulfur carriers have a day off on Friday.

Lava View Cottages - Bromo

Lava View is a very simple hotel, but ideally located directly on the edge of the Caldera, about half an hour's drive from the viewpoint of the sunrise over the Bromo. With good weather you have a magnificent view of the Bromo and other volcanoes from the hotel. The sunset over the volcanic landscape is also very impressive. The hotel has various room types divided into superior, deluxe, family rooms and bungalows. The superior rooms are not recommended and only have twin beds. Number of rooms: 28 The simple rooms are equipped with bathroom, TV, coffee / tea making facilities and have a terrace. Facilities: Restaurant serving Asian and European dishes, breakfast buffet, Café, Wifi. There is often live music in the evening. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Rumah Senang - Kalibaru

Senang, you feel good, that's what you do while staying in Rumah Senang. The guesthouse with 4 rooms is located a few kilometers from the village of Kalibaru. At the front you have a view of the Gunung Raung (3,300 meters) and at the back on the Gunung Putri with the river Kalibaru and the jungle. You can walk here with or without a guide. Number of rooms: 4 Number of beds in separate back-packers location: 2 Facilities: Spacious sitting room for all guests. BVN DVD player with various films Private garden with beautiful views Safe in the room Coffee and tea facilities in the room Laundry and ironing service Hiking routes Cooking team with service Free WIFI Free afternoon tea Tour and Transport service Massage at home Swimming pool with separate children's pool (salt water - no problems with chlorine) Gazebo with electricity connection for the laptop and the like. Midnight swimming (evening swimming with the lights on) Bike rental Bed and breakfast Restaurant facilities meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Sukamade guesthouse

The very simple Sukamade guesthouse is located on the site of the turtle center and a five minute walk from the beach. Most rooms have a western toilet and shower with cold water. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Ijen Cliff resort

Ijen Cliff hotel is located 496 m high in a beautiful location on the edge of the Ijen National Parc. From your terrace or balcony you can enjoy the panoramic view over beautiful rice terraces and forests to the volcanoes! From the garden you can even see a dash of ocean. A wonderful place to unwind. In the vicinity are some small villages, the first real village is six kilometers away. The hotel is built with sustainable materials from the area and the staff is also hired locally to enhance the local homely character. All rooms have a beautiful view and feature a bathroom with hot shower, coffee and tea making facilities, minibar and balcony or terrace. Number of rooms: 6 cottages Facilities: Reception, restaurant, laundry service, lockers, massages and tours meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Iljen Resort - Banyuwangi

Ijen Resort is the only luxury hotel in this region. It is situated at an altitude of 650m in a beautiful setting on the edge of the Ijen National Parc. From your terrace or balcony you enjoy the panoramic view over beautiful rice terraces and forests to the volcanoes! From the garden you can even see the ocean. A wonderful place to unwind. In the vicinity are some small villages, the first real village is six km away. All rooms have a beautiful view and feature a bathroom with shower, fan (no AC needed at this height), television, coffee and tea making facilities, minibar and balcony or terrace. Wifi only in common areas. Number of rooms: 41 Facilities: Swimming pool (natural spring water), restaurant (Asian and Western cuisine), bar, laundry service, lockers, massages and tours & transfers. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Bromo - Tosari


The most famous volcano in Java, the Bromo, is located in the Tengger massif. Together with the craters of the Batok and Widodaren, the Brom crater is located in a sand sea of ​​80 square kilometers, which is surrounded by the caldera rim.
Before sunrise, numerous jeeps with tourists drive to the Pananjakan viewpoint to watch the sun rise over the Bromo from there, watch the clouds sink into the sand sea and regularly see the Semeru volcano blowing off steam.

During the high season it is very busy, but about 500 enthusiasts can shoot photos and videos in peace and quiet.

After sunrise, the jeeps drive into the sand sea, to the foot of the Bromo crater and you walk another fifteen minutes through the sand sea (you can also rent a horse) to climb the 300 high steps to the crater rim. Your reward awaits ..

Your reward...



Kalibaru is most of the time your last stop on Java before you take the ferry to Bali. It’s a little village in the mountains close to the Raung Volcano near the Kawa Ijen plateau. The village is surrounded by plantations and it’s very pleasant to stay there.
You can make a trip with a Dokar (a small horse drawn carriage) or visit one of the plantations.



Sukamade is a fisher and plantation village at the south coast of East Java. It’s in the middle of the Meru Betiri natural park and only accessible by jeep.
The biggest attraction of Sukamade is the turtle centre. Almost every day giant turtles come ashore in the evening to lay their eggs on the beach. Accompanied by local rangers you can see this happen. During the day you can see the baby turtles in the nursery and release the turtles that are strong enough on the beach.

There are two reasonable accommodations at Sukamade, of which we use Wisma Sukamade Baru the most. It is about a three-quarter drive from the turtle center and is cleaner and better cared for than the Sukamade Mess. This is located in the grounds of the turtle center and is just a 10 minute walk from the beach. Both accommodations have cold running water and a simple western toilet.


Kawah IJen

The Kawah IJen is the crater and crater lake of the IJen Mountains. The volcano is best known for its sulfur carriers, which extract sulfur almost every day in the crater and bring it about 5 kilometers away to the distribution point.

The Kawah Ijen can be climbed from the parking lot in about 2 hours, via a paved path. From the crater rim you can descend to the place where the sulfur is extracted. This is a much more difficult course of about half an hour down and half an hour up again.

At night you can experience a beautiful natural phenomenon: the Blue Flames.

The crater is closed to the public every first Friday of the month. In any case, the sulfur carriers are free every Friday.

Blue Flames