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Tour module 5 days Kingdom of Birds and culture Arfak

This tour module is an absolute must for nature lovers ... A short 2 hour drive with a 4WD takes us to the small 'village' Padangan Arfak, on the edge of the primary rainforest. Here is the jungle lodge, a very basic accommodation, without electricity or running water and mattresses on the floor.
A 45 minutes walk from the jungle lodge we can spot several species of birds of paradise, or discover the daily life of the local people in the mountains.

Target prices 2024

€ 1.400 bij deelname 2 personen
€ 1.025 bij deelname 4 personen

In- en exclusief

•Simple accommodation including mentioned meals
•Coffee, tea and water
•Transport by 4-wheel drive
•Donations and entrance fees

Not included:
•Intercontinental and domestic flights
•Other drinks
•Tips and personal expenses
•Travel and cancellation insurances
•Booking costs and Calamiteitenfonds contribution € 30 per booking
•SGR contribution € 5 per person
•CO2 compensation € 22 per person

Cancelation penalty:
• Cancellation until 2 months before the start of the trip, the cancellation fee will cost 25% from the whole payment.
• Cancellation from 2 months until the 30th day before the start of the trip, the cancellation fee will cost 50% from the whole payment.
* Cancellation on the 30th day until the 14th day before the start of the trip, the cancellation fee will cost 75% from the whole payment.
* Cancellation on the 14th day until the day of the start of the trip, the cancellation fee will cost the whole payment.

Day 1 Arrival Manokwari, traditional market and island Mansinam

We will meet you upon arrival in Manokwari, the capital city of West Papua Province, located in the Bird’s Head (Vogelkop) of New Guinea Island. Manokwari is a nice town in a bay where you can find Mansinam Island. Known as the 'holy island' since Christianity was first introduced here to the Papuan's in 1855 by 2 german missionaries. A city tour around Manokwari will bring you to Mansinam island which is just a short boat trip away from town. Additionally, you will visit the traditional market where many Papuan woman sell their home growns like vegetables, fruits and the well-known betel nut. Chewing betel nut is part of the traditional Papuan culture and you will soon notice the red stained lips and teeth of the local men and women. You will stay the night in a friendly hotel with beautiful views towards the bay, Mansinam Island and in the background the Arfak Mountains.

Day 2 To the jungle

In the morning you will leave by 4-wheel drive jeeps to the rough mountainous terrains of the Arfak Mountains. We drive on the mountain ridges and the jungle fog will often embrace the valleys below us. We will pass traditional villages with the traditional, ‘kaki seribu’ or centipede-style houses. We will stay in a simple lodge, a perfect base-camp for further exploration of the thick rainforests surrounding us. The lodge has a beautiful flowerly environment and is located in a local village in Mokwam Area. If you are not so much into birding, your guide can take you on a walk to see more of the local life of the mountain people. But most come here to explore the sites of several endemic bird species. Like the Western Parotia, Magnificent Bird of Paradise and if lucky the Supurb Bird of Paradise. For all these locations you will need to hide in a blind and walk approx 40 min - 1 hour through the jungle. The area of Mokwam has been visited by many documentary film makers like those from National Geographics.

Day 3 Jungle, birds or people

Highlights: * The Western Parotia which also belongs to the Bird of Paradise Group. The male Western Parotia is a fantastic dancer! He shows a ballerina-like dance with its plumes expanded like a skirt! During his funny and spectacular dance he rapidly moves his head as if he had a bit too much to drink. He has 3 head-wires behind each eyes and a black plumage. The female that likes his moves, will choose him to mate with. * The Magnificent Bird of Paradise has yellow wings and a green breast shield with blue feet. With its complex curved plumage it is as unique as its fellow males Birds of Paradise. * The Superb Bird of Paradise is a bit more difficult to spot. But the lucky ones will not be disspointed when they see his - bouncy 'smiley face' dance routine.

Day 4 Bird watching and back to Manokwari

In the mornging you can still expore the area with your guide. After lunch you will head back to Manokwari. There you will stay in a modern hotel with beautiful views from the swimming pool towards the Arfak mountains and the pacific ocean.

Day 5 End of Arfak program

Here ends your program in Arfak. Your driver will take you to the airport for your next destination


Mansinam is a new hotel right on the beach, just outside the city. It has good facilities and a beautiful restaurant above the water. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Jungle lodge Arfak

The Jungle lodge Arfak is surrounded by primary rainforest situated in the area of Mokwam. The lodge is very primitive: There is no electricity, no running water, mattresses on the floor, Indonesia-style bathroom and toilet (shared). meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Aston Niu - Manokwari

The 4 * hotel is located on a hill outside the city. The hotel has views of both the ocean and the Arfak Mountains. There is a nice outdoor swimming pool. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires



Although smaller than Sorong, Manokwari is the capital of the West Papua province. The town with 130,000 inhabitants is located in the northeast of the so-called Vogelkop. Gunung Meja (the table mountain) is located almost against the town and is a protected nature reserve with a lot of jungle.

Manokwari is better known as a base to the Arfak mountains.

Rendani Airport has daily flights with Sorong, Jayapura, Makassar and Jakarta. Several times a week there are also flights to Nabire, Kaimana and Fak-Fak.

Sights to see

Pasar Puti Beach: you can ask every taxi driver to take you to this beautiful beach. It is just outside the centre of the city. Beautifully white with many trees that offer enough shadow. Little crabs run around joyfully. Don’t forget to bring your mask and snorkel. There is a beautiful piece of coral directly in front of beach. You can see wonderful fish here. At weekends it may be very busy on the beach because of the local people coming to Pasar Puti Beach. The rest of the week it is pleasantly quiet!

Japanese Monument: at a short distance into the mountains through the jungle you’ll arrive at the Japanese Monument. Some taxi drivers don’t want to go there because some parts of the road are in very bad condition. Once at the Monument you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful view over Manokwari.

Markets: Two markets are worth visiting. The first is the fish market at the fishing port. The fishermen leave early in the morning to catch the fish that’s sold on the market later. The best time to go to the market is at the end of the morning.
The second market where you can look around and enjoy the real Indonesia is the common market. Hundreds of stalls stand here together. Most of them covered. It’s hot here and after the rain also very damp. You can find anything here, vegetables, fruit, clothes, toys, souvenirs, etc... Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Snorkelling: On many places along the coast it is nice snorkelling. Also a good idea might be to rent a boat from a fisherman and tell him that you want to go to Lemon Beach. This is a small island in front of the coast of Manokwari and snorkelling is wonderful there. Negociate the price in advance to prevent problems.

Gunung Meja: The Table Mountain is called Gunung Meja in Indonesian and is situated near the centre. The mountain is perfect for walking through the jungle. It’ll be a serious trip so bring enough water. On the way you can enjoy the wonderful flora and fauna. You’ll see many birds and reptiles during your trip, so don’t forget to bring your camera as well!



The Arfak Mountains are a mountain range in the northeast of the Bird's Head Peninsula of the Indonesian province of West Papua, located near the town of Manokwari. It is a remote and rugged mountain range with fairly steep slopes. The highest peaks are the Mebo (2940 meters) and Umsini (2926 meters). The mountain range consists of basalt and tuff with secondary andesites.

The Arfak Mountains are a birdwatcher's paradise. You will find, among other things, several species of birds of paradise. With some luck, you will see the Western performing his "Paper Parasol" dance...

Western Parotia bird of paradise