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Tour module 5 days North Sulawesi, highlands, jungle and snorkeling

This short, but delicious roundtrip takes you to the North of Sulawesi, Manado.

In and around Manado you will visit the Tangkoko rainforest with rare animals such as the Macaca, Nigra, Hornbill and Tarsius Spectrum, the smallest monkey in the world. You can experience a wonderful day of snorkeling in one of the most beautiful sea gardens in the world in the vast and varied Bunaken National Marine park! The Minahassa highlands are home to volcanoes, sulfur lakes and much history from the Dutch East Indies period.

During this tour you will have an English-speaking guide.

This roundtrip is a sample how your trip could look like. The target prices are based on middle class hotels. Our Indonesia experts are happy to help you tailormade your trip to your demands.

Target prices 2024

Richtprijs € 575 p.p. op basis van 2 deelnemers
Richtprijs € 475 p.p. op basis van 4 deelnemers

Day 1 Arrival at Manado and ride to the Minahassa

Upon your arrival at the airport your driver is waiting for you at the exit with a board with your name on it. He will take you to your car for a beautiful tour through the Minahassa. We visit the Ban Hian Kiong Chinese Temple, the Sam Ratulangi monument and Lake Tondano. We also visit the Japanese caves which were built and used during the Second World War. In the late afternoon you arrive at your hotel in the Minahassa highlands. 2 nights in Tomohon.

Day 2 Minahassa Highlands tour

You will tour the Minahassa throughout the day. An area that used to be called the twelfth province of the Netherlands and where the population is generally practicing Catholic. The Minahassa is located in the mountains west of Manado. Your driver will circle Lake Tondano and make beautiful stops where you regularly have the opportunity to walk. Tondano and Tomohok are the places you visit that offer a view of the still active volcano Lokon. You will also visit the sulfur lake Danau Linow and the village of Woloan where traditional houses are built. In the afternoon, your driver will take you back to the hotel in Tomohon.

From the Minahassa to the Tangkoko Rainforest

After breakfast you leave the Minahassa and drive through a scenic route of about two hours to the Tangkoko Rainforest. Under the guidance of a local ranger, you will make an easy trekking through the rainforest. Tangkoko is a beautiful rainforest with beautiful fauna and flora, located in the mountainous east. The spectacular nature reserve is home to many rare animals, including the Khuskus, Macaca, Nigra, Hornbill and Tarsius Spectrum, the smallest monkey in the world. Around sunset you have the best chance to spott the tarsier. You spend the night in a simple lodge at the round of the Tangkoko forest.

From the rainforest to bounty island Bunaken

After breakfast you enter the jungle one more time. Now for the black macaques that show their best side in the morning. Then you leave the rainforest and your driver drives to Manado. Here you transfer to a traditional wooden boat that takes you to the island of Bunaken in an hour. The rest of the day you have the opportunity to snorkel or dive (optional). The beautiful sea gardens of Bunaken are world famous! You step into a beautiful sea aquarium. You will have lunch on the island. In the afternoon we return to Manado. Overnight in Manado.

Day 5 Departure from Manado

Your driver picks you up at your hotel and drives you to the airport.

Gardenia Country Inn Tomohon

In the highlands of the Minahassa, the Gardenia Country Inn is located in a beautiful garden. The view is wide. There are neat chalets and bungalows and a few family bungalows. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Tangkoko lodge

Very simple homestay located on the edge of the Tangkoko Rain forest. No hot running water. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Minahassa hotel Manado

The Minahassa is a cosy hotel in the centre of Manado. The hotel is built against a mountain and you have to walk a lot of stairs to go to your room or to the nice swimming pool. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires



Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi and counts over a half million inhabitants. It’s the perfect base for trips to the Minahassa mountains, Tangkoko jungle, but mainly known for Bunaken national marine park.
Lembeh strait and the island Bangka can also easily be reached from Manado.
The city itself hasn’t got much to offer. Animal lovers’d better not go to the market. People from Manado eat anything with 4 legs. On the market they sell dogs for consumption…



Tomohon is a city at about 1,000 meters above sea level in the Minahassa highlands. It is relatively cool and the starting point for the tours in the Minahassa. The majority of Minahassa people practice strict Catholic beliefs. In the weeks around Easter you will see countless crosses along the roads and in the villages. Because of the cooler climate, a lot of fruit and flowers are grown in and around Tomohon. Every year, in August, the Tomohon Flower Festival is organized.



The Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in Indonesia. It is located in the province of North Sulawesi on the island of Sulawesi. The area is 8700 ha and there are three mountains Gunung Tangkoko (1109 m), Gunung Dua Saudara (1361 m) and Gunung Batuangus (450 m).
Source: Wikipedia



Bunaken is a small island in front of the coast of Manado, North Sulawesi.
The island is particularly known for its wonderful sea gardens. Almost every hotel has diving and snorkelling facilities.
On the of island Bunaken lies the village Bunaken.