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Tour module round trip 6 days adventurous Papua - Baliemvalley

This round trip takes you to the Baliem valley in Papua (former Dutch New-Guinea).

The trip is like travelling some centuries back in a time machine. You’ll visit the very traditional Dani and Yali tribes and you can make beautiful walks in the valley. You stay in hotel Pilamo in the city (Wamena).

Target prices

€ 1.095 p.p. based on 2 persons
€ 975 p.p. based on 4 persons

•Overnight stays with breakfast, lunch and dinner
•English speaking guide

Not included:
•Local airport tax
•Optional excursions
•Tips and personal expenses
•Travel and cancellation insurance
•Booking fee and contribution Calamiteitenfonds

Day 1 Arrival Jayapura, airport service for transit to Wamena: The time machine

From Jayapura airport you fly with Trigana airlines to Wamena, a flight of almost an hour. When you arrive in Wamena we pick you up at the airport, then visit some villages around Wamena and check you in for 4 nights at the Pilamo hotel in the centre of Wamena.

flight Jayapura-Wamena-Jayapura

Flight with Trigana Air, Wings or NAM Air Daily departures from Jayapura: 06:45, 08:50, 09:05, 11:10 en 13:30 from Wamena: 07:50, 09:55, 12:15, en 14:35

Day 2 Nature around Sogokomo

After breakfast a little more than a half an hour drive to Sogokmo for a day hiking in the wonderful surroundings of the Baliem river. Via a hanging bridge we walk along traditional Dani villages and across sweet potato fields. After our picnic lunch we return to Sogokmo, where the car is waiting to drive us back to the hotel in Wamena.

Day 3 Traditional villages and salt mining

After a one-hour drive we reach Jiwika in the central part of the Baliem valley. Here starts our climb of about one hour uphill through the mountain rainforest. We arrive in a traditional Dani village with a salt mine. Ladies in traditional clothes accompany us and show us the original way of salt mining. After our lunch in the village we walk to Kurulu where we’ll see a very old mummy of de famous Dugum clan. Everywhere the friendly people from Kurulu will show you their jewelry, art, weapons and other curiosities.

Day 4 Jiwika Pig feast and dance

All day long we will visit a traditional pig festival in Jiwika. THE opportunity to attend this special ceremony where they prepare a pig on hot stones. The Dani still celebrate these pig festivals, notably for weddings. During our tour this traditional ceremony will be held especially for you, which means a nice little earner for them and allows you, with your guide, to meet and speak with the Dani people.

Day 5 Back to Jayapura and Lake Sentani

Immediately after breakfast we leave the hotel and take the first flight from Wamena, back to Jayapura. You’ll stay there one night in the Swissbell hotel or the simpler, but very cosy beachfront Tablanusa resort in Depapre. The rest of the day you can do a sightseeing tour with a visit to the Mc Arthur war monument and lake Sentani. If you stay in Jayapura you can also go to the museum and the Hamadi market.

Day 6 Departure from Jayapura

After breakfast your driver will bring you to the airport for your next destination.

Baliem Valley resort

In de heuvels gelegen 3*** resort, op een dik uur hobbelen van het stadje Wamena. Het resort telt een 15-tal houten luxe houten cottages en heeft een mooi gelegen restaurant met prachtig uitzicht over de vallei. Alle cottages beschikken over eigen badkamer/toilet met warm stromend water en een privé terras. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Hotel Pilamo

Pilamo is a simple hotel and centrally situated in the small town Wamena. The rooms are clean and the hotel is reasonably maintained. Best choice is one of the Deluxe rooms, with a small terrace in the courtyard garden. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Swissbell Jayapura

Swissbell Jayapura is the first international 4* hotel, situated in the centre of the capital city of Papua. It has a Business centre, 4 meeting rooms, a ballroom, swimming pool, fitness centre, ‘Cartenz Swiss Café and a restaurant. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires



Wamena is the capital of the Baliem Valley. It’s a pleasant little town with nice shops.
The Baliem valley lies at an altitude of 1600-1700 metres in the mountains and has therefore a temperature of 15 – 20 degrees. In the valley live some 100.000 people, of whom most are original Papuas and the rest transmigrants from especially Sulawesi and Java.

Baliem valley - Tribes

The original population are the Dani people, a well-known tribe in Papua. The Dani are known for their war-minded attitude. When the valley was discovered, people noticed that everywhere high, slim towers had been built. These were lookouts to warn the villagers that hostile clans were approaching. These lookouts were little by little put down when the area got under Dutch administration and war-making was forbidden. The Dani of the Baliem valley are related to the tribes from the mountains west of the valley, that are called western Dani or Lani. Their area is more densely populated than the area of the Dani. A third tribe are the Yali, who live in sparsely populated areas high on the mountain flanks of the Jayawijayain mountain chain.

Under Indonesian administration in the 70’s the situation became tense with the Dani, who were considered as underdeveloped people. In the early seventies the Indonesian government tried with 'Operation Koteka' to motivate the Dani to change their Koteka for clothes and to house them in modern square houses. Many Indonesian soldiers, who had to carry out the policy, regarded the Dani as 'savages' (little more than animals, an attitude that’s still alive among many Indonesians) and treated them very badly. Opposing Dani were sometimes even killed. In 1977 the Dani rebelled led by the Organisasi Papua Merdeka, the Dani fought with bow and arrow against Indonesian soldiers with rockets, attack planes and helicopters with which they bombed the Dani villages. It is estimated that 500 Dani died during the fighting, that was concentrated around the villages Pyramid and Bokondini in the north of the valley. 'Operation Koteka' was a complete failure.

In the nineties a new fight broke out for independence, which also was put down violently by the Indonesian government, that in 1997 even tried to put up the tribes against each other and thus stay out of range itself. Until the middle of the 20th century the valley was closed territory. A lot of Indonesian government officials still consider the valley as ‘the end of the world’.
(Source: Wikipedia)



Jayapura is the capital of the Papua province. Because of its location between mountains, the city is divided into different "pieces". You have the city itself with the old Kloofkamp district, and further in the area the "districts" Hamadi, Enterop, Kota Raja, Abepura, Dok2 to Dok9, APO (American Post Office).

Jayapura Airport is 25 kilometers away at Sentani Er. There are several flights a day, including to Jakarta, Makassar and Denpasar and to many small destinations in Papua, including the Baliem Valley.


The city was founded as Hollandia after having determined the border between England and the Netherlands,that runs midway across the island New Guinea. The Dutch founded Merauke close to the border in the south and, as said, Hollandia in the north.This to restrain possible expansionism of the English.

Later, after that Dutch Nieuw Guinea was incorporated into Indonesia, the city was shortly named Soekarnopoera, and then renamed Jayapura.

During the Second World War the city was the headquarter of The American Army and several things remind of this. The district APO for example, which stands for American Post Office. Here was once the post office of the American army. The beach north of the city is called Base G. And on the hills you can still find aircraft wrecks.
(Source: Wikitravel)

Things to see

On the way to Jayapura airport is Museum Negeri. In the museum you can learn a lot about the different tribes in Papua. There are beautiful objects on display.

Gedung Loka Budaya Museum is located on the grounds of Cendrawasih University in Abepura, a kind of suburb of Jayapura. The museum has a wonderful exhibition of objects from Irian Jaya. A large part comes from the Asmat area.

There are a few beautiful beaches close to Jayapura. Hamadi Beach, where Allied forces landed in WWII, is about 15 minutes from Jayapura by bemo. The beach is located near a busy inhabited area and is very busy. The Base G beach, which owes its name to Mac Arthur who had his headquarters here, is a nicer beach. This beach is also not far from Jayapura and can also be reached by bemo.

Lake Sentani is 40 kilometers from Jayapura, see Sentani.

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