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Bouwsteen 7 dagen Sumatra natuur en nostalgie

A beautiful, nostalgic tour from Medan, past the orangutans in the jungle, through the mountain village of Brastagi to Lake Toba. Be surprised by the wild nature and experience the culture of the Batak peoples.
You travel with your own driver and therefore determine the pace yourself. The driver knows all the fun and photogenic stops.
This roundtrip is a sample how your trip could look like. The target prices are based on middle class hotels. Our Indonesia experts are happy to help you tailormade your trip to your demands.

Target prices 2024

€ 675 p.p. based on 2 persons in low season
€ 575 p.p. based on 4 persons in low season
High season surcharge 10% (week before and after Idul Fitri, 1 July-31 August and 23 December-3 January)

Included and excluded

•Accommodation based on bed and breakfast
•Private car or mini-bus with driver, including fuel, his meals and overnight stays

Not included:
•Flight tickets
•Excursions and entrance fees, dinner with Batak vocal group on Samosir and Ferry Parapat-Samosir-Parapat (approx € 120 p.p.)
•Other meals
•Tips and personal expenses
•Guide (price on request)
•Travel and cancellation insurances
•Booking costs and contribution Calamiteitenfonds € 30 per booking
•SGR contribution € 5 per person
•CO2 compensation € 22 per person

Dag 1 Arrival Medan, transfer to hotel

Selamat datang, welcome to Medan! Upon arrival in Medan you walk straight to the immigration booth to get your visa free stamp in your passport. It is valid for 30 days maximum, calculated from the first day you arrive in Indonesia regardless of the time of arrival or departure. In Medan your driver is waiting for you with a piece of board with your name on it. He will drive you to Hotel Deli River, a little family hotel just outside the big city Medan. The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden and has a swimming-pool. Depending on the time of your arrival you can make a short city tour or acclimatise at your hotel.

Dag 2 Medan - Bukit Lawang

In the morning, you will make a short city tour in Medan. The city is one of the largest cities in Indonesia. Busy, dusty and hot, but quite an experience to drive through. Many becaks "bicycle taxis" and mopeds with which the local people travel. Drive past colonial buildings and visit the Sultan of Deli's palace. Then you travel in about 3 hours to Bukit Lawang, the orang utan rehabilitation center. Bukit Lawang is located along the beautiful Bohorok River. It is an impressive nature reserve with impenetrable jungle above a wild flowing river. In this nature reserve you can see the orangutans in their natural environment. The sporty hiker can go on a multi-hour jungle trek together with a local ranger. This requires a reasonable condition and shoes with a good profile. You spend the night in the Eco lodge Bukit Lawang or Sam's Bungalows in Bukit Lawang.

Dag 3 Bukit Lawang Brastagi

Brastagi, a mountain village in the Karo highland, has been a popular ‘tourist resort’ since the twenties for its pleasant cool climate and its beautiful setting. In Brastagi you can go to the fruitmarket to buy delicious mangistan, rambutan, marquisa and other tropical fruit. You can also go to the Karo Batak Dokan Traditional Village where the people still live in traditional Karo houses. Overnight in Brastagi.

Dag 4 Brastagi Lake Toba

A very nice trip through the Karo Highland along pineapple, clove and ginger plantations. Along the way stops at theRoyal House of the Batak Simalungun tribe in Pematang Purba and the Sipisopiso waterfall. In the afternoon arrival in Prapat on the border of Lake Toba from where you cross the lake with the ferry to the island Samosir, in the centre of Lake Toba. Overnight in Samosir.

Dag 5 Lake Toba - Samosir island tour and dinner at Marysca restaurant

We visit several authentic Batak villages with their typical saddle back roof houses. The Batak people were among the first people that settled in Indonesia. They came by boat from Indo China. The houses are still built in the shape of a boat – saddle back roof. The population here is Christian and the Batak people are known for their beautiful voices and music. Today you can visit the characteristic Toba Batak villages Tomok, with the King’s Tomb, Ambarita with its execution tables and Simanindo for traditional Toba dances. Dinner in the cosy restaurant Marysca's with Rony’s vocalgroup.

Dag 6 Free program Lake Toba

Another full day on the island of Samosir. You can (optionally) take a boat trip on the lake, cycling, hiking or just swimming at the hotel. It is special to take a day trip to Tatea Bulan with your driver and Rony. High in the mountains there is a pilgrimage site of the Batak kings and the ancestors are honored. A very devout visit, with beautiful panoramas. Along the way you will also visit the sacred sources of AEK Sipitu Dai. During our visit, the washing place was quickly emptied in order to show something of the sacred.

Dag 7 From Samosir to Medan

This day you drive back to Medan via the plantation route. Along endless palm oil rubber and cocoa plantations you travel along the attractive town of Pematang Siantar. Depending on your next destination, transfer to your hotel or airport.

Deli River

Small and clean hotel, just outside de bustle of Medan. Spacious and beautifully situated on the river Deli. From the swimming pool view on the river. Friendly and helpful staff. Number of rooms: 8 Facilities: swimming pool, good restaurant Deli River is managed by Tri Jaya Tour & Travel, our agent on Sumatra. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Bukit Lawang Cottages

Simple but clean hotel, with cottages on the ground floor. A hanging bridge over the river Bohorok is the entrance to the hotel. In the open restaurant there’s plenty of choice. The spacious rooms are equipped with a fan, no air-conditioning and there is an outdoor shower. In the vicinity you can go on a hike to the orang-utans. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Sam's Bungalows - Bukit Lawang Bohorok

Sam's bungalow is een klein familiehotel, gelegen aan de Bohorok rivier. Het hotel heeft een restaurant, bar en terras. De schone kamers hebben een ventilator, bedden met klamboe, privé badkamer met warm water en een balkon met uitzicht op de rivier of op de bergen. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Mikie Holiday Sinabung - Brastagi

The typical Mikie Holiday is located on the flanks of the Sinabung. With 149 rooms it is a medium-sized hotel with a modern look. The hotel has a nice swimming pool. All rooms have their own shower and toilet, TV and WiFi. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Tabo cottages - Samosir

The cozy and small-scale Tabo cottages is located directly on the Toba lake. The hotel has around 40 rooms, ranging from Superior (Basic, private bathroom with hot water), Deluxe (spacious with private veranda and fan), Batak cottages (separate cottages with the same Deluxe amenities) and Junior suites, overlooking the lake and an extra sofa bed and coffee-tea facilities. The hotel has its own bakery, restaurant and swimming pool with views over the lake. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires



Medan is the capital of the province of North Sumatra and has more than 2.5 million inhabitants. In the Dutch East Indies period there were many plantations outside the city, especially rubber did well. The 1965 book "Rubber" by M.H. Szekely-Lulofs gives a good picture of what the world looked like at the time and how the Netherlands was firmly in control around the Deli river. Later it was mainly the Chinese who attracted trade and power. Now Medan is a modern city, where many old buildings still remind of the colonial period.

For the western tourist, Medan doesn't have much to offer: the Sultan's palace is nice to visit, as is the Chinese temple. Take a look at the great mosque Masjid Raya Al-Mashun, you will be welcomed (outside the services) and shown around.

Our favorite Deli River hotel is located just outside the city, on the Deli River. The accompanying restaurant Omlandia serves delicious Indonesian, Indian and Western dishes. The pecel (kind of gado-gado with delicious sauce) is a must!
In the center there is also a wide choice of hotels, but they still lack the atmosphere. Perhaps the former hotel de Boer, now Grand Inna, will come close.

Bukit Lawang


Bukit Lawang is the place that is often called Bohorok, the river of the same name. Bukit Lawang is located in the Gunung Leuser National park and is mainly visited to spot the orangutans. The former orangutan rehabilitation center is located directly on the river. Until a few years ago, the great apes were trained here to be able to live from nature after a life as a pet. That is now a thing of the past. No orangutans have been kept in captivity for years and the work of the rehabilitation center is about to end.

Until recently, the monkeys were fed on the "piets time", a name that you have to understand. For many Indonesians, the "F" is a difficult to pronounce consonant that is corrupted into a "P". Feeding time is already more understandable then, but for us Europeans still strange. A time to go. But it is still customary for the premises to go to the feeding time, because then you can be sure that you can see the monkeys up close.

However, the pied time is also a thing of the past. If you want to spot orangutans, make a jungle trek of 3 or 4 hours, together with a local ranger, who will bring some fruit or vegetables in his backpack to lure the famous orangutans.

Bukit Lawang is approximately 3 hours drive from Medan and 2 hours (via bumpy roads) from Tangkahan. It has some nice accommodations, of which the Eco Lodge and Sam's bungalows are our favorites. For those traveling with growing youth, the Bukit Lawang children's home, with 2 bedrooms, is a nice alternative.
Keep in mind that on weekends Bukit Lawang is overrun by local tourists and the Saturday nights are noisy!
You don't have to travel to Bukit Lawang for special food.

Video Gunung Leuser park



The mountain village of Brastagi is often visited as a stopover on the long route between the jungle and Lake Toba. The village is wonderfully cool at 1,300 meters above sea level. Surrounded by the volcanoes Sibayak and Sinabung, the soil is very fertile and various vegetables, fruit and flowers are grown here.

Volcano enthusiasts can climb the Sibayak volcano early in the morning and take a warm bath at the hot springs of Lau si Debuk-Debuk on the way down.



Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia with a length of about 100 km and a width of 30 km. It originated from a volcanic eruption, roughly 75,000 years ago. The Toba Batakkers live around the lake, a people of predominantly Christian faith, mixed with a kind of animistic ancestor worship.

Samosir is the famous peninsula in the lake. An island tour of Samosir lets you see and experience the culture of the Batakkers. A boat trip on Lake Toba, along the island, is also a lot of fun and shows almost the same sights.

It is special to take a day trip to Tatea Bulan. High in the mountains there is a pilgrimage site of the Batak kings and the ancestors are honored. A very devout visit, with beautiful panoramas. Along the way you will also visit the sacred sources of AEK Sipitu Dai. During our visit, the washing place was quickly emptied in order to show something of the sacred.

What you should not miss is a dinner with a vocal group. The Batakkers are known for their polyphonic singing, accompanied by guitar and simple local musical instruments.
The culinary specialties of the Batakkers are not always in the taste of western visitors: dog is not exactly what we are waiting for and the Ikan Mas (kind of goldfish) takes you more time to get rid of bones than it is tasty. Fortunately, Saksang remains, a Batak dish that should not be missing during a wedding. There are two variants, of which we ignore the dog and go for the Saksang Babi of pork.
Of course you are going to eat at my kake-pinjum, my borrowed brother Rony. Together with Rosinthan he runs the Marysca Restaurant. All our Sumatra travelers get a free dinner here with a warm Batak welcome. Rony, his friends and family like to take you musically through the Batak culture with the vocal goup.

Our favorite hotels are Tabo cottages (Junior suite or Villa) and Samosir Villa resort (VIP room. At weekends the resort is overcrowded by local tourists).