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Round trip 28 days classical and cultural Sumatra, Java en Bali

This round trip takes you through the culture and the nature of Sumatra, Java and Bali and brings you regularly in contact with the local population. A comfortable individual tour with plenty of room for special encounters.
Get acquainted with the Batak culture at Lake Toba. Via Bukittingi and the Maninjau Lake to Padang.
Along the highlights of Java, including the historic centre of Jakarta, the big Botanic Garden in Bogor, a train trip from Bandung to the famous Borobudur, the impressive Bromo volcano and the plantations on east Java around Kalibaru.
Then you cross with the ferry to Bali and enjoy the wonderful beaches of Bali.

The trip and the accommodations are perfectly suited for both young and old. Almost every hotel has a swimming pool.

On the way, plenty of attention and time for stops where you have time to take pictures, walk through the nature and meet with everyday life and the people on Sumatra and Java.

When you travel with a guide he is very attentive and tells you about the country and its customs.

Target prices 2024

€ 3.250 p.p. op basis van 2 personen in laagseizoen
€ 2.595 p.p. op basis van 4 personen in laagseizoen
Prijzen exclusief vluchten!

Included and excluded

•Accommodaties op basis van logies en ontbijt in middenklasse hotels
•Privé auto of busje met chauffeur, zijn maaltijden en overnachtingen
•Excursiepakket Sumatra
•Excursiepakket Java
•Treinreis in Executif klas Bandung - Borobudur
•Genoemde excursies onderweg van noord naar zuid Bali

•Intercontinentale vluchten
•Binnenlandse vlucht Padang-Jakarta
•Overige maaltijden
•Fooien en uitgaven van persoonlijke aard
•Reis-en annuleringsverzekeringen
•Boekingskosten € 27,50 per boeking
•Bijdrage Calamiteitenfonds €2,50 per boeking
•Bijdrage SGR € 5 per persoon
•CO2 compensatie € 22 per persoon

Day 1 flight Amsterdam-Medan

Garuda Indonesia flies non-stop from Amsterdam to Jakarta with its new Boeing 777-300 ER. Experience the hospitality of Indonesian culture on board at Garuda Indonesia, the national airline of Indonesia. With more than 65 domestic destinations Garuda takes you to Jakarta, Bali, Lombok, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Ambon and many remote destinations. The direct connection will take you from Amsterdam to Jakarta in just 13.5 hours. Departure from Amsterdam around midday, arrival in Jakarta early in the morning. Your connecting flight departs about 2 hours later and takes about 2.5 hours.

Day 2 Arrival Medan, transfer to hotel

Selamat datang, welcome to Medan! Upon arrival in Medan you walk straight to the immigration booth to get your visa free stamp in your passport. It is valid for 30 days maximum, calculated from the first day you arrive in Indonesia regardless of the time of arrival or departure. In Medan your driver is waiting for you with a piece of board with your name on it. He will drive you to Hotel Deli River, a little family hotel just outside the big city Medan. The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden and has a swimming-pool. Depending on the time of your arrival you can make a short city tour or acclimatise at your hotel.

Day 3 Medan -Brastagi - Lake Toba

After breakfast we leave for Brastagi, a fairly cool place on the flank of the volcano Sinabung. You have time enough to visit the flower and fruit market and you can have lunch here. We then continue the scenic route through the Karo Highland past pineapple, clove and ginger plantations. Along the way stops at the King’s House of the Batak Simalungun tribe in Pematang Purba and the Sipisopiso waterfall. In the afternoon you arrive in Prapat on Lake Toba from where you cross over to the island of Samosir, in the middle of Lake Toba.

Day 4 Lake Toba - Samosir island tour and dinner at Marysca restaurant

We visit several authentic Batak villages with their typical saddle back roof houses. The Batak people were among the first people that settled in Indonesia. They came by boat from Indo China. The houses are still built in the shape of a boat – saddle back roof. The population here is Christian and the Batak people are known for their beautiful voices and music. Today you can visit the characteristic Toba Batak villages Tomok, with the King’s Tomb, Ambarita with its execution tables and Simanindo for traditional Toba dances. Dinner in the cosy restaurant Marysca's with Rony’s vocalgroup.

Day 5 Samosir - Padang Sidempuan

Samosir - Padang. You drive along the south side of Lake Toba with beautiful rice fields and high Batak King Tombs. Along the way you will pass the hot sulfur springs at Sipoholon. At the place Tarutung, centre of the Protestant Batak Church, you’ll turn into the direction of Padang Sidempuan. Overnight stay in Padang Sidempuan. (about 8 hours)

Day 6 through the Minangkabau highlands to Bukittinggi

The route to Bukittinggi in the Minangkabau highlands takes you today again through the mountain range Bukit Barisan of Sumatra. It is an impressive trip where you enter the highlands of the Minangkabau through a “wall” of tropical rainforest. Along the way you will cross the equator in the town of Bonjol and the Jambi nature reserve. In the afternoon arrival in the cool and pleasant town of Bukittinggi. 2 nights in Bukittinggi. (about 9 hours)

Day 7 Nature, palace and history of Bukittinggi

Bukittinggi - excursion to Pagaruyung, Batusangkar, the Harau nature reserve and Lake Singkarak. In the palace in Pagaruyung you can see the different aspects of the matriarchal community pattern of the Minangkabau. The Harau nature reserve is famous for its large rock formations and beautiful butterflies. At Batusangkar are historical rock inscriptions in Sanskrit. On the way back to Bukittinggi you will pass the lake of Singkarak. Overnight in Bukittinggi.

Day 8 Bukittinggi city tour and Lake Maninjau

During the city tour you first visit the former Fort de Kock located on a strategic position where you have a beautiful view over the surrounding landscape. Then you can visit the Minangkabau museum, the colourful market and the famous Karbouwengat (Ngarai Sianok). The sportive hiker can take a walk of about an hour through the Karbouwengat to the silver town of Kota Gadang where the car will be waiting for you. From Kota Gadang departure for the mysterious Maninja Lake, descending along the road with forty-four curves. Overnight stay at Bukittinggi.

Day 9 Maninjau Padang Jakarta

After breakfast we leave for Padang via the beautiful Anai valley and Anai waterfall. Through the beautiful 44 hairpins we approach Padang, the largest port city of West Sumatra and an important economic centre. Here we make another city tour and then you will be transferred to the airport for your flight to Jakarta. At the exit of the airport in Jakarta your driver or guide is waiting for you and will take you to your hotel.

Flightt Padang - Jakarta (Garuda)

Day 10 Jakarta city tour and trip to Bogor

Today you make a city tour through the former Batavia. You will visit the old harbor Sunda Kelapa where the beautiful proud Buginze ships are still loaded by hand. You will also walk through the old part of the city, the historical surroundings of Fatahillah Square and Café Batavia where we can find the fertility cannon and the Historical Museum. You will also visit the Monas with its gold leaf dome and the National Museum. After the city tour, your driver will set course for Bogor. The road from Jakarta to Bogor is not far, but due to the bustle of traffic, you will soon be 2 hours on the way before arriving in Bogor. Bogor, the former Buitenzorg, is the main attraction of the large botanical garden Kebun Raya. You will find flora from all over the archipelago. The complex also houses the Presidential outer palace of the President of Indonesia. It is the palace of the former Governor General of the Dutch East Indies. Overnight in hotel center Bogor.

Day 11 Bogor - Bandung via Puncakpas

After breakfast you will leave for Bandung. The ride goes through the Puncakpas with its many tea plantations. At the tea plantation Gunung Mas you have the opportunity to visit the plantation. From the tea plantation it is another 3 hours drive before you reach Bandung. Bandung, also called the Paris of Java, is a bit cooler than, for example, Jakarta. The city is located about 800 meters above sea level. The city still radiates much of the colonial past, many houses are built in Art Deco or Jugendstil. Note: It is advisable not to drive over the Puncak Pass on weekends and public holidays, due to the crowds. In normal traffic, the journey takes at least 4 hours, often double on weekends. 2 nights in Bandung.

Day 12 Bandung-Lembang-Tangkuban Perahu-Dago and music school Pak Udjo

A whole day to discover Bandung and surroundings. In the morning you will make a tour through Bandung where you can still find many buildings from the Dutch East Indies. Then visit the Geology Museum, Mandala Museum and Villa Isola to the higher town of Lembang. Then take a brisk walk at the drive-in volcano Tangkuban Perahu, which literally means the inverted boat. Back to Bandung, you will stop at the Dago tea house and your driver will be back in town at half past three. You can enjoy the Sundanese culture at Saung Angklung Udjo. Led by the descendants of the late Pak Udjo, a large group of enthusiastic children gives a dazzling show with a wayang performance, angklung music and dance. Overnight in Bandung.

Day 13 Bandung Borobudur Train

An early wake-up for a beautiful journey by train from Bandung to Yogyakarta, a good 7-hour train ride.You travel comfortably seated in the air conditioned Kelas Eksekutif conditioning through the Preanger mountain area to Yogyakarta. There your driver is waiting for you to bring you to your hotel close to the Borobudur. 1 overnight in Borobudur area.

Day 14 Borobudur sunrise tour and Yogya city tour

You have to get up early for a sunrise... Between 4 and 4.30 am your driver will be waiting and will take you to a mountain with a beautiful view of Borobudur. Once the sun has risen, enjoy breakfast before heading to the temple complex. The Borobudur is the world famous and largest Buddhist temple complex in the world. A walk along the more than 1400 reliefs will take you to the highest terrace of the temple complex where the Buddhas sit under a stupa. After the visit to Borobudur we drive on to Yogyakarta. We will visit the old Sultans palace the Kraton, the water palace and the bird market Pasar Burung. Yogyakarta is known for its beautiful batik industry and fine silverware. You also have the opportunity to stroll through the famous shopping street Jalan Malioboro and shop in one of the many shopping malls. 2 nights in Yogyakarta.

Day 15 Free program Yogyakarta

One more day to enjoy Yogyakarta There are lots of things to do in this nice and busy former homestead. Have a bicycle taxi ride (becak) or a ride with the Andong, a horse-drawn carriage. Haggle over the price before getting in. Be sure to determine whether the price is for a one-way or return trip. You can also assist to one of the dance performances of the Ramayana ballet in Yogya in the evening. Also very special: make a cycling excursion in de surroundings of Yogyakarta. You cycle along rice fields, villages, temples and see the local people busy with their daily occupations like weaving and making sandals. Overnight in Yogyakarta. NB: all these are optional excursions

Day 16 Yogyakarta Kediri

After breakfast departure to the tobacco town of Kediri. You drive along the volcano Merapi and via the Sultansstad Solo, the former Surakarta. In Solo you can visit the old Mangkunegaran Palace and the famous antique market. The route continues this day along beautiful views with many rice fields, forests and plantations. Surrounded by many plantations, Kediri has the largest cigarette factory in Indonesia. Here hundreds of women roll the famous Kretek (clove) cigarettes by hand. The cigarette factory can no longer be visited today. Overnight in Kediri.

Day 17 Kediri Bromo

After breakfast you drive via Malang to the Bromo volcano, a trip of more than five hours. In Malang you take a city tour through the city and the volcanic neighborhood, where most houses still date from the colonial period. You can (optionally) have lunch at the nostalgic restaurant Toko Oen, where only prices have changed since 1930. For real adventurers, an hour and a half before the Bromo volcano is another wonderful challenge: the Madakaripura waterfall. If you would like to visit, please discuss this with your driver the day before. The waterfall is not easy to reach, from the parking lot you go with an ojek (moped taxi) 4 kilometers into the forest. The trek to the Madakaripura waterfall is heavy and goes through (sometimes strong flowing) rivers, muddy trails, under smaller waterfalls and over slippery rocks. After more than half an hour of scrambling you will reach the magnificent waterfall and you can take a dip in the water. Slippers and a poncho are indispensable for this trek. Also put on shorts because you regularly walk more than knee deep through the water. From the waterfall you drive on to the Bromo volcano. The volcano is located in the Tengger Mountains. There are four peaks and it is one of the most beautiful volcanic landscapes in the world. The area around the Bromo is very fertile. You will stay in a simple hotel in the Bromo area

Day 18 Sunrise at the Bromo vulcano and tour to Kalibaru village

Around three o'clock you will be awakened to make a trip to the Bromo. With a jeep you will be taken to the viewing area on the edge of the Tengger kaldera. Although you are certainly not alone, in the high season there can be more than 500 visitors, there is a serene tranquility at the viewpoint. Everyone comes for the beautiful and mystical sunrise. From the platform you have a view of the sand sea and its four craters and in the background you can regularly see the Semeru volcano blowing a thrust into the air. Bring your sweater and windbreaker, it is very cold in the early morning! After the sunrise, return by jeep to the sandy sea. Here you can walk or on a horse (about 100,000 rupia) to the foot of the Bromo. Via about 300 steps you climb the Bromo crater to look from the crater rim into the crater of the volcano. After the Bromo, return to the hotel for breakfast. Then continue the journey to our next destination, the rural village of Kalibaru. A drive of about six hours. Overnight in Kalibaru.

Day 19 Kalibaru

We’ve got all day to explore Kalibaru, situated in a rural plantation area, and its surroundings. Around the hotel grows coffee, cacao, mutmeg, vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. The jam you found on your breakfast table could be made of home-grown nutmeg. Kalibaru is a perfect place to get to know the daily life on east Java. You can go to the market for example, or to one of the many plantations around Kalibaru. You can also have a look in one of the numerous little home-industries, like a palm-sugar workshop. Overnight in Kalibaru.

Day 20 Van Kalibaru naar Lovina

We rijden vandaag naar Ketapang, een havenplaatsje aan de kust, vanwaar we overvaren naar het eiland van de duizend goden Bali. We steken met een ferry in ongeveer een half uur over naar Gilimanuk, gelegen aan de kust van noordwest Bali. De auto uit Java brengt u in ongeveer twee uur naar uw hotel in Lovina, aan de noordkust van Bali. U neemt bij het hotel afscheid van uw Javaanse chauffeur en gids. Het verdere transport op Bali wordt door een andere chauffeur uitgevoerd.

Day 21 Lovina - vrije dag

Lovina is the northern beach resort on the Bali sea. Compared to the south of Bali, it is much quieter here, while all amenities are available for a wonderful holiday. The black beach is not directly the attraction of Lovina. Lovina's must-do is an early morning trip to the dolphins. You will then leave around 06:00 in the morning with a boat to the area where the dolphins show early in the morning. Larger schools of dolphins can be spotted in the autumn. Furthermore, the West Bali National Park is a short distance away. A visit to the former capital of Bali, Singgaraja, with its many old buildings is also very worthwhile. Just outside Lovina, in the dessa Banjar you will find the only Buddhist monastery in Bali, the Brahma Vihara Ashrama temple. Close to this serene place are the medicinal hot water springs, beautifully situated in the green. Bring your swimming clothes. There are three beneficial springs that rise in temperature, a wonderful experience. On Sundays and public holidays, these sources are also frequented by locals. Overnight in Lovina.

Day 22 Lovina - vrije dag

Overnight in Lovina.

Day 23 Transfer and excursions on the way from north Bali to south

During your transfer from your accommodation in north Bali to the south coast you will experience a day full of beautiful pictures of enchanting Bali: You’ll visit the fruit market of Bedugul, the monkeys around the temple of Alas Kedaton. Beautiful rice fields and waterfalls near Munduk and the Ulun Danu temple. Overnight in Sanur.

Day 24 Sanur - free day

There’s nothing on the program today. You can lounge around the swimming-pool or on the beach. Sanur has got a very nice street with lots of little shops and restaurants. In some restaurants performances are given during your dinner. You find the most delicious small fish restaurants along the beach. Overnight in Sanur.

Day 25 and 26 Sanur - free day

Like yesterday there’s nothing on the programme today. You can relax at the hotel or use the following link for an excursion Bali excursies Maybe a full day snorkeling trip to Nusa Penida?

Day 27 Pulang kampung, going back home

Well in advance, about 3 hours before the departure of your flight, your driver picks you up for your transfer to the airport.

Day 27 continuation flight Denpasar-Amsterdam via Jakarta

Flight with Garuda Indonesia with transfer in Jakarta. Departure Denpasar early evening, arrival Amsterdam in the early morning.

Day 28 Arrival Amsterdam

In the morning arrival at Schiphol. The end of a beautiful trip...

Deli River

Small and clean hotel, just outside de bustle of Medan. Spacious and beautifully situated on the river Deli. From the swimming pool view on the river. Friendly and helpful staff. Number of rooms: 8 Facilities: swimming pool, good restaurant Deli River is managed by Tri Jaya Tour & Travel, our agent on Sumatra. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Samosir Villa resort

Samosir Villa resort is quite recent (2012) and beautifully situated in the village TukTuk on the island Samosir. Of course it’s very nice to go for a swim in lake Tobe, but there’s also a great swimming pool. All rooms have a small balcony with view on Lake Toba, TV and a safety box. VIP rooms have also a small fridge. WiFi available. At weekends and on national holidays there can be many local tourists at the hotel. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Tabo cottages - Samosir

The cozy and small-scale Tabo cottages is located directly on the Toba lake. The hotel has around 40 rooms, ranging from Superior (Basic, private bathroom with hot water), Deluxe (spacious with private veranda and fan), Batak cottages (separate cottages with the same Deluxe amenities) and Junior suites, overlooking the lake and an extra sofa bed and coffee-tea facilities. The hotel has its own bakery, restaurant and swimming pool with views over the lake. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Mega Permata - Padang Sidempuan

New (2012) hotel in Padang Sidempuan on the outskirts of town. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Hotel The Hills

You will certainly enjoy this 4 * hotel during your stay in Bukittinggi. This hotel is suitable for all types of travelers. You can relax in the massage parlour, the swimming pool or by taking a walk in the garden. Number of rooms: 101 Facilities: Swimming pool, children's pool, restaurant, shops, daily newspaper, bathrobes. massage room, 24 hour room service. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Novotel - Bukittinggi

Novotel Bukittinggi is located in the city center, at walking distance from Jam Gadang (Bukittinggi icon), Pasar Atas and Benteng Fort de Kock, and close to Jambatan Limpapeh. Novotel Bukittinggi is about 76 km from the Minang Kabau International Airport. Located in the heart of the fabulous Bukittinggi; Jam Gadang (city monument) and Pasar Asat, a famous traditional market, are close by. There you will find various souvenirs, specifically handmade by local artisans. Just inside Pasar Ateh you can enjoy the delicious dishes of Minangkabau. Around Novotel Bukittinggi, many other tourist attractions await you This hotel has not yet been visited by us meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Nuansa Maninjau

Nicely situated very dated hotel with a wonderful view over Lake Maninjau. If you don't want to stay in an old hotel you'd better spend the night in Bukittingi. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Mercure Batavia - Jakarta

ercure Jakarta Batavia is located in the old part of Jakarta (formerly Batavia), 500 meters from the Fatahillah Museum and Café Batavia. The nostalgic hotel has 376 modern rooms with a view over the city. The hotel offers free WiFi and features a restaurant and bars, a swimming pool and a fitness center. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Santika Premiere Jakarta - Jakarta

Hotel Santika Premiere is located in the district of Slipi, West Jakarta. The friendly staff will do everything to make your stay in this hotel as pleasant as possible. All rooms have AC, TV, telephone, bathroom with shower, bath and hairdryer, desk, coffee and tea making facilities, minibar and safe, Number of rooms: 273 Facilities: Swimming pool, fitness room, spa, tennis court, shopping arcade, 24 hour room service and doctor service, multiple restaurants, bar and laundry service. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

New Mirah hotel - Bogor

The Mirah hotel is a few minute drive from the shopping centre and Bogor Botanical Garden. A fine middle class hotel with friendly staff. Many restaurants and shops in the neighbourhood. All rooms have AC, bathroom with shower, telephone, TV, coffee / tea facilities, minibar and free Wifi. Number of rooms: 140 Rooms with connecting door are available for families. Facilities: 2 restaurants (Indonesian and Western cuisine), coffee bar, lounge, garden, swimming pool, children's pool, children's club, 24-hour room service, laundry, lockers, Wi-Fi and a free ride on Sunday morning with the Dokar. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Savoy Homann - Bandung

Selamat datang di tempo doeloe! The beautiful Art Deco-style Savoy Homann is located in one of the colonial neighbourhoods in the centre of Bandung on the old Post Road Jalan Asia Africa. The rooms have now been modernized but the public areas have luckily kept the Art Deco style. In the beautiful domed restaurant surrounded by galleries you can still see the small inside balconies and the glass elevator. All spacious rooms have air conditioning, TV, telephone, minibar, coffee and tea making facilities, marble bathroom and safe. Some rooms have a balcony. Very extensive breakfast buffet. Number of rooms: 185 Facilities: Swimming pool, Garden Restaurant (Asian and Western cuisine), Batavia bar and lounge (cocktails, regular live music), Sidewalk Café (cocktails, snacks), karaoke, game room (video games), fitness room, Spa, hairdresser, shop, laundry- and room service, meeting rooms and wifi. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Grand Preanger - Bandung

The Grand Preanger is a luxury 4 * hotel located on the Jalan Asia Africa, the former Post Road in Bandung. The many facilities of the hotel ensure a perfect stay in this city. All rooms have air conditioning, bathroom, telephone, TV, WiFi, minibar, coffee / tea making facilities and private safe. Number of rooms: 187 Facilities: Swimming pool, fitness room, Spa, sauna, gift shop, restaurant, 24 hour room service. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Amata Borobudur resort

Op slechts 4 kilometer van de Borobudur liht het typisch Javaanse Amata Borobudur resort. Het kleinschaligre resort heeft kamers in een hoofdgebouw die wij niet aanbieden, bungalows van 35 m2, iets ruimere en luxere Deluxe bingalows en riante familiebungalows. Vanuit het resort worden diverse excursies en activiteiten aangeboden: meditatiesessies, village tours, rafting en de Andong (paard & wagen) tours door typisch Javaanse dorpjes. Het resort heeft een prima restaurant. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Rumah Dharma I en II - Borobudur

Rumah Dharma bestaat uit 2 kleinschalige boutiqe resorts, elk met 8 cottages, een zwembad en een restaurantje. Beide resorts liggen op ongeveer 10 minuten rijden van de Borobudur. De kamers beschikken over airco, prive badkamer met warm stromend water en een eigen terrasje. Er is gratis WiFi. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Melia Purosani - Yogyakarta

The hotel is on a prime location, next to the Marlioboro street, the most famous shopping street of Yogyakarta. The beautiful lobby will certainly impress you and the Chinese restaurant in the hotel is considered one of the best restaurants in Yogyakarta. In the two other restaurants, one of which is next to the beautiful swimming pool, Javanese and international dishes are served. Melia Purosani also has a bar and a pub for drinks, cocktails and snacks where you can enjoy live music from Wednesday to Saturday evenings. In the Spa body and mind are cared for in a traditional Javanese way. The Javanese style rooms are spacious and comfortable. The hotel also has 2 wheelchair-friendly rooms. All rooms are equipped with AC, television, telephone, desk, bathroom, bathrobes, slippers, hair dryer, first aid box, minibar, coffee and tea making facilities, safe and wifi. Number of rooms: 280 Facilities: Restaurants, bar, pub, swimming pool, Spa, fitness room, hairdresser, beauty salon, yoga, table tennis, volleyball, badminton, kids club, baby-sitting service, shop gallery, laundry service, room service, multilingual staff and business centre. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Dusun Yogya village Inn

Het kleinschalige (24 kamers) Dusun Yogya village Inn boutique hotel ligt op zo'n 15 minuten lopen van de gezellige Jalan Praworitaman. Het hotel is weids opgezet met de Deluxe kamers in een 2 verdiepingen tellend gebouw. Alle kamers beschikken over eigen badkamer/toilet, ruim zitje of balkon, airco, tv, föhn, telefoon, kluisje, gratis WiFi en waterkoker. De suite is nog wat ruimer opgezet en heeft als extra een espressomachine. Er is een ruim zwembad met een kinderbad. Het open restaurant serveert Aziatische en westerse gerechten. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Puri Artha - Yogyakarta

Just outside the centre of Yogyakarta lies the very nice hotel Puri Artha. The hotel is in Balinese and Javanese style, in the rooms is used a lot of rattan, bamboo and batik. The rooms are spacious, clean and beautiful and set up in a carré shape in the garden. All rooms have a veranda with seating and are equipped with AC, bathroom with bath or shower, telephone, TV and minibar. Number of rooms: 70 Facilities: Restaurant (Asian and Western cuisine) with Gamelan music from 6 to 8PM, bar (also with live music, from 8 to 10.30PM), shops, swimming pool (not free, about 2 €, but there you have also a towel, locker, shower and fresh juice for) and Spa. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Phoenix Mercure - Yogyakarta

The Phoenix is the perfect hotel to catch your breath after a tiring journey. It is in a perfect location in the heart of Yogyakarta within walking distance of the popular Jalan Malioboro. The atmospheric historic Phoenix Hotel, a colonial mansion from 1918, has now been completely renovated and extended while maintaining the original traditional style. A luxurious, refined and nostalgic decor. The pool is surrounded by beautiful galleries and balconies. The good English speaking staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful and the breakfast very worthwhile. At the restaurant is a Jamu (herbal) woman with free advice / drink for your small inconveniences such as headaches and abdominal pain. At certain hours a Gamelan orchestra plays for an Indonesian atmosphere. All comfortable rooms are equipped with air conditioning, telephone, TV, desk, bathroom, hairdryer, coffee and tea making facilities, minibar, safe, wifi and balcony with seating. Number of rooms: 144 Facilities: Swimming pool, restaurant, terrace bar, wine bar, spa, fitness room, baby sitting service (on request), laundry service, room service, gift shop, business centre. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Grand Surya - Kediri

It’s a long way from Jogyakarta to Malang and Grand Surya is a great hotel for a stopover. This luxurious 4 * hotel was built in 2005 in the centre of Kediri. Many shops and restaurants in the immediate vicinity but you will not find tourist restaurants and souvenir shops. Kediri is not a tourist resort and targets the local population. There are many possibilities to relax in the Health Club, including a sauna, spa, massages and a complete fitness club. All tastefully decorated and spacious rooms have air conditioning, bathroom with bath and shower, television, minibar, coffee and tea facilities and Wifi. Number of rooms: 166 Facilities: Swimming pool, children's pool, restaurant with Indonesian, Oriental and Western menu, coffee shop, bar, Health Club (Hammam, sauna, Spa, massages, fitness), laundry service, room service, lockers, lift and business centre. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Jiwa Jawa Bromo (former Java Banana)

The Jiwa Jawa Bromo is a relatively new hotel in the Bromo area. It opened its doors in 2009 and is built in modern eco friendly style. From this hotel you can easily reach the Bromo by means of the 4 x 4 jeeps. Outdoor sports such as mountain biking are proposed. There is also an open-air theater at the lodge. All rooms have AC, private bathroom, telephone, TV, coffee / tea facilities and Wifi. Number of rooms: 42 Facilities: Reception, bar, restaurant, photo gallery, assistance with outings / tickets, outdoor activities. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Lava View Cottages - Bromo

Lava View is a very simple hotel, but ideally located directly on the edge of the Caldera, about half an hour's drive from the viewpoint of the sunrise over the Bromo. With good weather you have a magnificent view of the Bromo and other volcanoes from the hotel. The sunset over the volcanic landscape is also very impressive. The hotel has various room types divided into superior, deluxe, family rooms and bungalows. The superior rooms are not recommended and only have twin beds. Number of rooms: 28 The simple rooms are equipped with bathroom, TV, coffee / tea making facilities and have a terrace. Facilities: Restaurant serving Asian and European dishes, breakfast buffet, Café, Wifi. There is often live music in the evening. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Kalibaru Cottages - Kalibaru

Kalibaru Cottages is surrounded by plantations at some distance from the centre of Kalibaru. The simple cottages are built around the beautiful pool and the reception / lobby lounge is a pleasant place to sit down and have something to drink. All rooms have their own shower / toilet (open air), minibar, telephone and TV. In front of your room you have your own veranda with pool or garden view. To reach the restaurant you have to climb steep stairs. Number of rooms: 60 Facilities: Nice pool, children playground, small shop, restaurant and lobby bar. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Rumah Senang - Kalibaru

Senang, you feel good, that's what you do while staying in Rumah Senang. The guesthouse with 4 rooms is located a few kilometers from the village of Kalibaru. At the front you have a view of the Gunung Raung (3,300 meters) and at the back on the Gunung Putri with the river Kalibaru and the jungle. You can walk here with or without a guide. Number of rooms: 4 Number of beds in separate back-packers location: 2 Facilities: Spacious sitting room for all guests. BVN DVD player with various films Private garden with beautiful views Safe in the room Coffee and tea facilities in the room Laundry and ironing service Hiking routes Cooking team with service Free WIFI Free afternoon tea Tour and Transport service Massage at home Swimming pool with separate children's pool (salt water - no problems with chlorine) Gazebo with electricity connection for the laptop and the like. Midnight swimming (evening swimming with the lights on) Bike rental Bed and breakfast Restaurant facilities meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Rumah Kita Guesthouse - Kalibaru

This cosy Guesthouse is located 3 km from Kalibaru and is run by a Dutchman. It consists of a 1-bedroom villa with 2 single beds and 2 guest houses, each with 2 rooms with double beds. A bed can be added in all rooms. The villa also has a large living room, kitchen and a large covered terrace for general use. From the rooms you have a view of the garden and the Gunung Raung volcano. All rooms have a large private bathroom with wash basin, toilet, large walk-in shower with natural hot water and coffee and tea making facilities. Number of rooms: 5 Facilities: private garden, swimming pool, central fridge in the villa for all guests, cook and service, laundry service, Internet and a Tour Desk / Transport service. Also possibilities for massage. From here you can make beautiful excursions and walks in the area to nature parks etc. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Margo Utomo I and II - Kalibaru

The plantation hotel Margo Utomo I is a simple guesthouse with a farm with Dutch cows and a mini plantation. When you stay at this hotel you can get a free guided tour of the plantation. Nutmeg, coffee, salak and palm oil are produced here in an eco-friendly way. You can also buy these products at the reception. The pool is a nice place to relax and you can eat inside or outside at the restaurant. All cottages are located in a beautiful garden, have a fan, private bathroom and terrace. The Superior and Deluxe rooms are located in the Margo Utomo II (Hill view) and are a bit further away. Number of rooms: 51 (I) and 30 (II) Facilities: Pool, restaurant, wifi (lobby), doctor, massage, Spa, tours-transport service and laundry service. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

The Lovina

With 66 rooms, The Lovina is the top hotel in Lovina. A 4-star resort with two beautiful pools, delicious restaurant, extensive spa and almost directly on the sea. All rooms have AC, private terrace or balcony, minibar, kettle, TV, free WiFi, safe, DVD player and hairdryer. The suites also have a full kitchen, a living room and an extra bed. Best choice are the seaview suites! Free facilities include canoes, shuttle bus to the town, and snorkel sets. In addition to the studio and suites mentioned, there are also private pool villas with 1 to 4 bedrooms available, see <a href="https://www.merapi.nl/indonesie/bali/lovina/the-lovina" TARGET="_blank">this link.</a>. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Frangipani beach resort - Lovina

Het Frangipani beach resort ligt direct aan het zwarte strand en op loopafstand van de gezellige restaurants en winkeltjes van Lovina. Het resort heeft een restaurant en zwembad. Alle kamers beschikken over AC, eigen badkamer met warm stromend water, terrasje, minibar en wifi. De Deluxe kamers hebben zicht op de tuin, de VIP-kamers zijn iets groter en hebben deels zicht op zee en de suites hebben zeezicht en zijn geschikt voor families met 2 kinderen. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Griya Santrian - Sanur

All rooms have AC, telephone, TV, bathroom, hairdryer, coffee and tea making facilities, minibar, safe and balcony or terrace. Number of rooms: 117 Facilities: 3 restaurants (Indonesian, Balinese, Italian, Japanese, Western and Asian cuisine) and bar, 3 swimming pools, fitness, tennis, spa, sauna, yoga, offer-making and cooking workshops, bicycle excursions, every Monday and Friday fish barbeque on the beach and every Thursday meat barbeque with Jazz music, art gallery, 24 hour room service, laundry service, Kids club, surf lesson, WiFi meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Besakih Beach resort - Sanur

Het Besakih Beach Resort is een goed middenklasse Beachfront resort in het centrum van het rustige Sanur. Het resort biedt een mix van Balinese architectuur en heeft een heerlijk zwembad en een kinderbad. De kamers zijn voorzien van AC, telefoon, tv, badkamer, haardroger, koffie-en thee faciliteiten, minibar en hebben alle een eigen balkon of terrasje. Aantal kamers: 80 De Run of House kamers zijn verdeeld over 2-verdiepingen bungalows in een tuin bij de ingang van het hotel en kamers in een gebouw dichtbij zwembad, restaurant en het strand. Sommige kamers uit de laatste categorie hebben weinig uitzicht. Faciliteiten: restaurant (Indonesische en Westerse keuken), bar, zwembad, vergaderruimte, massages, room service, laundry service, kluisjes en wifi. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires

Puri Santrian - Sanur

Lovely spacious and quiet 4 * hotel, in the south of Sanur. Right on the beach and with all the facilities you could wish for. All rooms have AC, telephone, TV, bathroom, hairdryer, coffee and tea making facilities, minibar, safe and balcony.   Number of rooms: 182 Facilities: 2 restaurants, various bars, coffee shop, 2 swimming pools, children's pool, Spa, fitness center, 24-hour room service, laundry service, babysitting service, Cooking classes, yoga, water sports, diving lessons, billiard, tennis courts, library, wifi, bike rental, meeting room, gift shops, tour desk. meer info more info Informations supplémentaires



Medan is the capital of the province of North Sumatra and has more than 2.5 million inhabitants. In the Dutch East Indies period there were many plantations outside the city, especially rubber did well. The 1965 book "Rubber" by M.H. Szekely-Lulofs gives a good picture of what the world looked like at the time and how the Netherlands was firmly in control around the Deli river. Later it was mainly the Chinese who attracted trade and power. Now Medan is a modern city, where many old buildings still remind of the colonial period.

For the western tourist, Medan doesn't have much to offer: the Sultan's palace is nice to visit, as is the Chinese temple. Take a look at the great mosque Masjid Raya Al-Mashun, you will be welcomed (outside the services) and shown around.

Our favorite Deli River hotel is located just outside the city, on the Deli River. The accompanying restaurant Omlandia serves delicious Indonesian, Indian and Western dishes. The pecel (kind of gado-gado with delicious sauce) is a must!
In the center there is also a wide choice of hotels, but they still lack the atmosphere. Perhaps the former hotel de Boer, now Grand Inna, will come close.



The mountain village of Brastagi is often visited as a stopover on the long route between the jungle and Lake Toba. The village is wonderfully cool at 1,300 meters above sea level. Surrounded by the volcanoes Sibayak and Sinabung, the soil is very fertile and various vegetables, fruit and flowers are grown here.

Volcano enthusiasts can climb the Sibayak volcano early in the morning and take a warm bath at the hot springs of Lau si Debuk-Debuk on the way down.



Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia with a length of about 100 km and a width of 30 km. It originated from a volcanic eruption, roughly 75,000 years ago. The Toba Batakkers live around the lake, a people of predominantly Christian faith, mixed with a kind of animistic ancestor worship.

Samosir is the famous peninsula in the lake. An island tour of Samosir lets you see and experience the culture of the Batakkers. A boat trip on Lake Toba, along the island, is also a lot of fun and shows almost the same sights.

It is special to take a day trip to Tatea Bulan. High in the mountains there is a pilgrimage site of the Batak kings and the ancestors are honored. A very devout visit, with beautiful panoramas. Along the way you will also visit the sacred sources of AEK Sipitu Dai. During our visit, the washing place was quickly emptied in order to show something of the sacred.

What you should not miss is a dinner with a vocal group. The Batakkers are known for their polyphonic singing, accompanied by guitar and simple local musical instruments.
The culinary specialties of the Batakkers are not always in the taste of western visitors: dog is not exactly what we are waiting for and the Ikan Mas (kind of goldfish) takes you more time to get rid of bones than it is tasty. Fortunately, Saksang remains, a Batak dish that should not be missing during a wedding. There are two variants, of which we ignore the dog and go for the Saksang Babi of pork.
Of course you are going to eat at my kake-pinjum, my borrowed brother Rony. Together with Rosinthan he runs the Marysca Restaurant. All our Sumatra travelers get a free dinner here with a warm Batak welcome. Rony, his friends and family like to take you musically through the Batak culture with the vocal goup.

Our favorite hotels are Tabo cottages (Junior suite or Villa) and Samosir Villa resort (VIP room. At weekends the resort is overcrowded by local tourists).

Padang Sidempuan

Padang Sidempuan

From Samosir it is a full day driving on the Trans Sumatra Highway to the west. Baramun Nagari Wildlife Sanctuary is located near the town of Padang Sidempuan, which has nothing to offer tourists themselves. The large park houses a shelter for elephants and other wildlife. During a safari day you will experience the elephants in their natural habitat and you will come face to face with various strange birds, monkeys and probably one of the two (or both) Sumatran tigers.

We are short about food and favorite accommodation: There is only one accommodation and that is the sanctuary itself: simple.



Bukittinggi (high hill) is situated in the middle of Sumatra in the Minangkabau highland.
In the past this city was known as Fort de Cock, the bell tower built by the Dutch in 1926, which you still can visit on the town square.
In the Natural Park Taman Bundo Kanduang you’ll see the typical constuction of the Minangkabau in the replica of Rumah Gadang.( Rumah Gadang means Big House)
From Bukettinggi you can go to Sianok Canyon,Lobang Jepang and Lake Maninjau.



Lake Maninjau is a 45-minute drive from the city of Bukittinggi. The surroundings of the lake are wonderful for walking.



Jakarta, The Big Durian, you either love it or you walk away from it. It is the hometown of my mother, then called Batavia. In 1993 I was still in her birth house, a privilege that few Indos can still experience, as Jakarta has grown into a metropolis with about 17 million inhabitants. A lot of low-rise buildings have had to make way for skyscrapers that define the skyline of Jakarta.

Only the old city, Kota Lama, still shows many traces from the Dutch period. Be sure to visit Fatahillah Square with the National Museum and drink a cup of coffee in the nostalgic Café Batavia. Glodok, Jakarta's China town is within walking distance of Kota Lama. The old VOC warehouses and the fish market Pasar Ikan are also worth a visit.

I find it difficult to name a favorite restaurant. What I write today will be obsolete tomorrow. I would say check the internet and selamat makan, enjoy your meal!



Bogor (Buitenzorg) is located 50km south of Jakarta and is best known for its Botanical Garden. It often rains, so it’s comfortably cool and assures lush vegetation. In the Botanical gardens you can walk through the park where many plant species grow and you can visit the orchid greenhouse.
Unfortunately maintenance is minimal today, which means that, for example the old little Dutch cemetery, looks somewhat dilapidated.
Next to Bogor is Taman Safari Indonesia, a big safari park where, among other animals, you still can see a real Sumatran tiger.
The Cibeureum waterfalls are located on a short distance from Bogor. From Bogor you can travel to Bandung via the highway of the Puncak pass.
Via the Puncak pass you travel to Bandung through tea plantations and beautiful views of nature.



Bandung was often called "Paris of Java". It was not until 2020 that I found out where that name came from: the many fashion shops, Mediterranean restaurants and other luxury boutiques gave Bandung a Parisian look at the beginning of the 20th century. Bandung no longer has that look, except perhaps in the famous Bragaweg, one of the best-preserved shopping streets in the world in Art Deco style.
It is a busy and modern student city, where many old buildings and houses from the colonial period have been preserved. There are architectural highlights such as the Gedung Sate, Villa Isola, the old Concordia, but also the hotels Savoy Homann and Grand Hotel Preanger take you back to the times when the planters came to enjoy their Sunday drink.

North of Bandung are the volcano Tangkuban Perahu, the mountain village of Lembang and the Dago Tea House are worth seeing. In the south you will find the Malabar tea plantation. Kawah Putih, the white crater, is also located in the south and together with Malabar is good for a full day trip. The golden crater Papandayan is more to the east and is special because of the many geysers and the golden rim at the top. The Papandayan is again good to combine in a day trip with the hot springs of Garut.
If you are on time, make sure to visit Saung Angklung Udjo in the afternoon: a dazzling performance of angklung music with dance and wayang golek performance by children from the neighborhood, accompanied and accompanied by descendants of the late Pak Udjo. He once founded a music school for the street children here, which has now grown into a beautiful stage for the children in the neighborhood. At some point you play along, despite your musical illiteracy.

Favourite restaurant

Just like in other big cities, good food is not hard to find. My favorite is Dapoer Pandan Wangi. Order the fried perch Gurame Goreng, not available in the Netherlands, with Terong Raos as a vegetable: aubergines baked in dough. You will never regret it!


South of Bandung is the town of Cimahi. During the Japanese occupation, the current barracks served as Jappenkamp, ​​where my grandfather and father had been interned for several years. In Cimahi is also the honorary cemetery Leuwigajah.



The Borobudur is a famous temple complex built in the 9th century. It’s situated on a small hill near Yogyakarta and surrounded by other temples and volcanoes. The complex is 47 meters high and consists of nine stacked platforms. The platforms represent the Buddhist cosmos. On the top floors there are 72 small stupas, which are built around one large central stupa, which symbolizes Nirvana.

The Borobudur is best visited during sunrise. The Sarasvati Borobudur hotel is a 1.1 kilometer walk. There are several hotels and resorts within 10 minutes, of which both small scale Rumah Dharma I and II are our favorites. For the traveler with a well-filled wallet, the Plataran Borobudur resort & spa is the ultimate choice (not to be confused with the big brother Plataran Heritage hotel, which is mainly geared towards wealthy local tourists).



Yogyakarta is the cultural center of Java, the soul of the island. It is also one of the nicest and most interesting cities in Indonesia. Partly because of the walled royal palace, Kraton, which is already a town in itself. You will find countless historical works of art and paintings. The gamelan is rehearsed daily in the morning hours, some days with dance and / or singing. The current sultan still lives on the palace complex.
The Water Palace, which can only be visited in the morning, is within walking distance.

For shopping you can visit the Marlioboro street with numerous stalls during the day and tasty food stalls in the evenings. Also visit the bird market Pasar Burung, one of the many batik galleries or go to the silver town of Kota Gede. In the evening you can attend a performance of the Ramayana ballet in the center.

Yogya surroundings

An hour from Yogyakarta is Borobudur, the world-famous Buddhist temple from the 8th and 9th centuries.
Closer is the Hindu temple Prambanan, where the Ramayana ballet is regularly performed.

Towards the coast is the town of Imogiri. Here is the final resting place of the rulers of Mataram, the Susuhunans of Surakarta, the sultans of Yogyakarta and other high Javanese nobles. The name comes from Sanskrit and means "Snow Mountain". You can decide to visit the sultans graves on the spot.

Especially on Sunday go to the beach of Parangtritis. You will be amazed how the locals enjoy the beach and get through the day taking selfies (preferably with you)!

Favourite restaurant

Yogyakarta has a lot of delicious restaurants, from murah (cheap) to mahal sekali (very expensive). The latter category includes Gadjah Wong , but the choice is huge and I believe I've never eaten such a tasty sambal goreng tempe Nice ambiance too!

If you are staying in the Prawirotaman district you should definitely visit Via Via a > for lunch pr dinner. Very nice atmosphere, not expensive and very tasty and you can find a lot of information about Yogya. They also give cooking classes.

The most authentic is to eat Nasi Gudeg at one of the lesehan (food stalls) at the Jalan Malioboro, a jackfruit stewed in coconut milk.



Kediri is a typical, medium-sized East Javanese city, fully focused on daily life. It therefore has few tourist attractions. Places of interest include the Dolo waterfalls, the Surowono temple, the Puh Sarang church and the Bendung Gerak, the 150 meter long dam.
There is also an ikat industry, which is worth a visit and until a few years ago, tourists could also take a look at the huge Gudang Garam kretek factory, where hundreds of ladies manufacture the famous Indonesian clove cigarettes.

Favourite restaurant

I have not been able to discover culinary delights, but according to my guide, the pecel, a gado-gado-like dish with a delicious peanut sauce, must be extremely tasty. Street food is not eaten at the table in Kediri, but on bamboo mats on the sidewalk and in porches.

Bromo - Tosari


The most famous volcano in Java, the Bromo, is located in the Tengger massif. Together with the craters of the Batok and Widodaren, the Brom crater is located in a sand sea of ​​80 square kilometers, which is surrounded by the caldera rim.
Before sunrise, numerous jeeps with tourists drive to the Pananjakan viewpoint to watch the sun rise over the Bromo from there, watch the clouds sink into the sand sea and regularly see the Semeru volcano blowing off steam.

During the high season it is very busy, but about 500 enthusiasts can shoot photos and videos in peace and quiet.

After sunrise, the jeeps drive into the sand sea, to the foot of the Bromo crater and you walk another fifteen minutes through the sand sea (you can also rent a horse) to climb the 300 high steps to the crater rim. Your reward awaits ..

Your reward...



Kalibaru is most of the time your last stop on Java before you take the ferry to Bali. It’s a little village in the mountains close to the Raung Volcano near the Kawa Ijen plateau. The village is surrounded by plantations and it’s very pleasant to stay there.
You can make a trip with a Dokar (a small horse drawn carriage) or visit one of the plantations.



Lovina is a seaside village in the North at the Bali Sea. The black beach does not immediately invite you to swim or snorkel in the sea. In any case, there is little to see underwater.
Compared to the South of Bali it’s quiet here, whereas all facilities to enjoy your holiday are present. The village has a cozy center with restaurants and shops.
Lovina's must-do is an early morning trip to see the dolphins. With a bit of luck you will be with a few boats in a school of dozens of dolphins, but it can also be unexpected.
Close to Lovina, the Banjar Hotsprings and the Buddhist monastery Brahma Arama Vihara are worth a visit. Furthermore, the West Bali National Park is a short distance away. A visit to the former capital of Bali, Singgaraja, with its many old buildings is very worthwhile.



Sanur is located directly on the Indian Ocean.
The beach of Sanur beach is protected by a reef at some 100 meters off shore, which means that the waves are much gentler than in Kuta.
Sanur is a quiet old fishing village with lots of hotels, restaurants and shops

Favourite restaurant

My own experience: Mades Restaurant, in the centre of Sanur. Delicious Balinese food and Indonesian dishes!

Mades Restaurant - Sanur



Denpasar is the busy capital of Bali.
Besides some museums and the market there aren’t many tourist attractions in the capital, though you can do some great shopping for cheap prices.